Independent Shorts Awards


The House of the Rising Sun is a place of transition in music and folklore. It’s a purgatory where travelers, vagabonds, and lost souls cross paths before continuing toward their life after. Absolution is a snapshot of that purgatory, that waiting room, where souls must accept the regrets and disappointments in their lives before they can cross over. Personal struggles are highlighted in duets and solos throughout the piece. Some remorse is too difficult to let go, though, and while many find reprieve from their sins and escape the cycle of self-recrimination, others are doomed to stay and repeat it.
Directed by Stirling Matheson and Sarah Farnsley (USA)

A Dream That I Wondered

A psychedelic oneiric trip at Oktoberfest. When the chaos is your heaven and you know you are living something that will never repeat again.
Directed by Marcelo d Almeida Alves (Brazil)

When The Fire Goes Down

Teo is a young man who is very clever but lost his hope. He thinks even if he works so hard, he will never be successful. Inside life he got himself lost inside time and money relation. After a shock, he starts to understand the future voice of his, and his life changes.
Directed by Kerem Kurtuluş (Turkey)

Drawing Straws

Three best friends put their relationship at risk when they’re forced to decide who has to cover the dinner check.
Directed by Danny Marshall and Lucas Marschke (USA)


A personal perspective on coming home after nearly a decade abroad and finding that something is off in the familiar paradise. A warning that profound change is coming. Change that will influence future generations. This short film centers on climate change in southern Greenland told from a personal yet historical standpoint.
Directed by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)

God Has Already Gone Ahead (Gott Ist Schon Weg)

The Egyptian geese march through the ages: from the bird´s perspective, a centuries-long settlement history is told. While the water level in the pond continues to fall, the inhabitants have the water up the neck. In the end, nothing stays as it was, only the goose suspects nothing bad.
Directed by Peter Böving (Germany)


“Tempo” is a short film about a young man named Jason who is facing a world full of hearing people who refuse to see him as anything but deaf. As the film progresses Jason must battle against family, friends, and coworkers to try and achieve his dream; but at what cost?
Directed by Oscar Michel (Canada)