Independent Shorts Awards

The Wacky Wobblers

The cast of a children’s show must figure out what to do with their lives after their show has been canceled.
Directed by Angi Tianzhu and Drew Stalker (USA)

The Unicorn

Stay in love despite the drama, the incomprehension, the silence. Jacques and Sophie can’t do it anymore. Their marriage is in danger, and for Amelie, their 7-year-old daughter, they must continue to live.
Directed by Johann Nertomb (Guadeloupe)


A determined young woman keeps her beloved sister alive by imagining her still living on their Pennsylvania farm.
Directed by Gordon Shoemaker (USA)

A Day In The Life

A short film about a police officer who wants to bring peace to the community and is fair to all individuals no matter what race they are and his son who struggles with bullying. Also, a star stud football player who is very cocky, conceited, and loves the attention he gets. The officer, John Wagner, struggles to find solutions to bring peace between citizens and the police. The football player, Sean, struggles in an environment which offers him very little resources to thrive. What will their outcome be? To find out we go a day in their lives.
Directed by Edwin Maker Jr. and Jeremy Butler (USA)


Group of highly skilled agents in service of the unheard voices when recently they lost a comrade and it’s been a tough time without one of their own, let alone finding a replacement, which is where this story takes place.
Directed by Aristote John Boyo (UK)

Embalming Fluid

A successful writer and his estranged brother reunite at their father’s funeral, but their reunion becomes complicated by an insensitive spouse, tequila consumption, and the haunting memories of a dead squirrel.
Directed by Jeff Huston (USA)