Independent Shorts Awards


Surrounded by his idols, and clad in gloves and shorts, a man loses himself to his boxing passion… but at what cost?
Directed by Myles Ross (USA)


College was easy. Life is Hard. After skipping their graduation to do drugs, JP, Leah, and Colleen discover how ill-prepared they are for the real world. The three friends try to keep tabs on each other as their individual lives start to fall apart. Maybe it’s the drugs or the sheltered world they are so desperately trying to escape, but one thing is for sure; it’s not their fault.
Directed by Leah Rae Hulgin and JP Maddock (USA)

Alex & The Firefly

Do you remember 2001? Travel back to a time before cell phones and social media took over the world and experience a coming-of-age tale of love and loss in the new millennium. Alex thought he was going to spend the summer before high school pining over his friend Lucy; but, when she introduces him to her friend Nina, everything changes. Alex attempts to balance his friendships with his new relationship, but jealousy ensues causing a huge rift in Alex’s world. While Nina and Alex share a summer of teenage love, including first kisses and “I love you’s,” ultimately, Alex and Nina share another first – heartbreak.
Directed by John Woosley (USA)

Flip the Script

Using a fusion of film, fashion, photography, and dance, we’re flipping the script on iconic Hollywood roles to highlight the need for strong female representation in front of and behind the lens.
Directed by Sam Reetz (USA)

Don’t Schmuck It Up

Rick Nash coverts on the breakaway, to the net, he scores for his 17th of the season and the Rangers lead, two to nothing. You may feel like you’re crashing NHL night but, in the world of “Don’t Schmuck It Up”, no one loves the New York Rangers more than Jules and Avery, two millennials out-manning hockey reporting at ESPN’s “Off the Ice” column. These girls don’t just ride the pine until they get the Stanley Cup of breaking news; they’re at the rink after-hours and know the plays better than their dusty male counterparts, Paco and Paul.
Directed by Sam Reetz (USA)

Not One

Mia and Iris see things differently. For Mia, a runaway from West Virginia, it means risking it all for a story. For Iris, an anthropology student at Sarah Lawrence, it means standing firm in her convictions and letting her voice be heard. When the two cross paths in Union Square, they discover they have a lot more in common than what meets the eye. Whether it’s dodging close calls or grappling with the dark side of indifference, two girls from different walks of life share a resilient spirit of hope.
Directed by Abraham Polinsky (USA)

Naangu (Four)

“Naangu (Four)” is about 4 childhood friends who are struggling to do what they wanted to do.
Directed by Harish (India)

White Lies

What is modern love? An uncertain date might teach us – at least that’s what a quirky narrator believes.
Directed by Robert Kurt Fenske (USA)

Reliving Scars

A young teen, Isaac Lan, must face the hardships of his consequences. With his ruined childhood, he must learn to grow, without the support of his family and no one around him.
Directed by Alex Serna (USA)