Independent Shorts Awards


In 1848 Phineas Gage a railroad worker survives an awful explosion. Once the wounds heal the town notices his personality has been altered and his physician Dr. Harlow has to choose to risk his reputation in the town or defend this disabled outcast.
Directed by Keith Wilhelm Kopp (UK)


“Glass” is a short drama film about don’t use the mobile while you drive.
Directed by Andrea Tiatto (Malta)


A young teen grapples with his feelings about an incident that took the life of his younger brother.
Written by Ed Vela (USA)

My Heroes

“My Heroes” is a documentary with a storyline of physically as well as mentally challenged teenagers who have excelled beyond imagination in life and their real-life stories are so inspiring that after looking into their achievements, the perception of life takes a different dimension altogether.
Directed by Suresh K Goswami (India)


This movie weaves together the struggles of a former undercover agent, Michael Williams in shaking off the demons from his traumatic past with the help of a passionate psychiatrist, Dr. Olivia Thomas. “F A L L” provides a brief peek into the state of a disturbed mind with glimpses of vivid illusionary experiences. The movie’s intent is to break the stereotypes adopted while narrating a mainstream subject by featuring a predominantly minority cast and team members.
Directed by Vigil Bose (USA)

The Mystery of Le Madelon

Three friends are given a school project in which they must film and tell a story using only three words. A strange event occurs, and our three friends find themselves in the middle of mystery.
Directed by Demetrius Hill (USA)

All Heart

Lara is a nine-year-old girl who suffers from a heart syndrome and needs to make a difficult decision, with the help of her family: to face an experimental heart surgery. In this process, her younger sister, Marina, has the key role of articulating Lara’s relationship with a young doctor, uniting science and poetry to transform both their lives.
Directed by Flávio Moraes (Brazil)