Independent Shorts Awards

The Student Body

Library maintenance worker Jeff harbors a secret love of salsa music and hankers after the cool and collected Librarian Venessa. But when a Student dies, and she is incriminated will he be able to save her?
Directed by Will Peppercorn (UK)

Medea’s Walk

“Medea’s Walk” is a Pasolini inspired Butoh opera staged in front of the UFO looking roof at Olympic stadium of Kiev.
Directed by Mel Hsieh (Ukraine)

Thank You

Comic Fielding Edlow explores women’s inherent inability to accept a compliment.
Directed by Garrett Sutton and Fielding Edlow (USA)

Last Call

When aspiring actor James, (Christopher Hancock) lands a movie audition in LA, he becomes determined to move to California with his girlfriend Ashley, (Aysha Hamed) to continue pursuing his dreams. Things seem to be going according to plan until unforeseen circumstances create an obstacle in James’ pursuit of happiness.
Directed by Christopher Hancock and Kyle Johnson (USA)

Silent Love Stories II

Driven by a soulful musical score with songs by Deanna Delore, “Silent Love Stories” captures a series of flirtatious encounters between couples vying for each other’s attention.
Directed by Amr Al-Hariri (USA)