Independent Shorts Awards


A woman fights to save her girlfriend, who was infected by some kind of post apocalyptic virus that has ravaged the human population. She seeks out a witch family in the woods who help her in ways she wasn’t expecting.
Directed by Kaz PS (USA)

Pretty Odd

“Pretty Odd” is the story of an eighth-grade boy with a quirky personality facing the process of applying to high school as he struggles with how to communicate with his classmates, teachers, and parents. While deciding his future, he discovers what is most important to him and works hard to achieve it. In his continuous effort to act like a “normal” kid, he realizes that his past behavior was only hurting himself. In this short film, we see the comedic yet realistic difficulty of making big life decisions at such a young age while simultaneously trying to be the best version of one’s self.
Directed by Lorelei Essman-Freeman (USA)


These children have to walk miles everyday to get to their school, this is a documentary about their everyday struggle in the roads of Panama, at San Blas Comarca.
Directed by A Fernandez (Mexico)

The Hum

An atypical awakening inside a white room in which an anonymous character finds himself without knowing where he is and why he is there. A bed, a window, a door and a monitor on a wall are the only décor of the claustrophobic room. The silent Monitor is the only “window”of companionship, whose visions will anticipate drastic decisions.
Directed by Leonardo Lenzini (Italy)


To strike a blow against Arch-One and the deadly robot army that has been devastating the world, a small team of resistance fighters infiltrates an enemy base to secure a sequence of codes that could save mankind. But there is division within the group. Trapped behind enemy lines, will they escape to turn the tide for humankind? Or will their strife cause the mission to fail and all of humanity to fall with them?
Directed by Ellis E. Fowler

The Last Pirate

A conflicted pirate follows the command of an ancient demon bound to a mysterious sword in exchange for his freedom.
Written by Christian Pavlik (USA)


A bankrupt divorcee starts a senior dating business with her housemates, an Asian transgender and a Latina psychic chiropractor.
Directed by Sara Newton (USA)

The Shepherd Sings A Song

The impact of changing technology and culture shift on the local newspapers are presented here. This documentation studies Princeton area newspapers, including their struggles and adjustments in the digital age.
Directed by Andrew Ni (USA)


Arthur Grey, a struggling singer/songwriter, tries to achieve recognition in the music industry. Coincidentally finds Howard Drew’s diary containing poems for his wife and decides to use them in his songs to achieve success.
Directed by Gowtham Namasivayam (USA)

Climbing Trees

A guilt-ridden father tormented by nightmares 12 years on from the murder of an 8-year old girl, searches for answers to the hardest questions of all.
Directed by Matthew R. Ford (UK)