Independent Shorts Awards

Road Kill

An innocent road trip takes a sinister turn when two young women and the hitchhiker they’ve picked up along the way are forced to stop at a roadside motel.
Directed by Ty Trullinger (USA)


“Chaos makes us alive, Destiny kills us.” Three moments, three characters, the same person. The past shapes us, changes the present and distorts the future. We can’t run away from the events,which create the monsters that define who we are. A shock suffered by the subject during his childhood will mark him for the rest of his life.
Directed by Giacomo Morlando (Italy)


In this silent film, we have tried to capture the moments in between. The unsaid words and the open secret behind closed doors.

A notary officer has been working in the same office for years. Something is not the same today, something has changed forever. His colleague of many years from the other desk shares the same feelings. They know its not a perfect world. They must be happy with how things are, not to disrupt their lives. Even though they may be the notary officers that approve the lives of others in their society, they are not sure if the society will do the same for them.
Directed by Pooja Sampath (India)

Be My Guest

Two young adventure-seekers are trapped in the woods by some mysterious dark creatures that they inadvertently unleashed.
Directed by Yulia Budovskaya (Spain)

Into Light

When a man wakes up to find his deceased significant other in his bedroom looking alive and well, the two of them have the chance to reconcile and move forward. If you had the chance to speak with the love you lost, what would you say?
Directed by Richard Israel (USA)

Trip’s Duplage

A disgruntled boy toy murders his older sugar mommy, attempting to conceal his crime by assuming her identity.
Directed by Spencer Squire (USA)

The Growling

On the way to his date’s house, a paranoid young man is attacked by a vicious beast, interrupting their hopes of a romantic evening.
Directed by Noah Jorgensen (USA)

Sophie’s Map

Sophie’s Map is a short film about a young boy named Jamie, who goes on an adventure with his older sister Sophie one last time. They venture on to their favourite places, fighting monsters and avoiding lava and he finds precious artefacts along the way, in the same way his idol Indiana Jones would. The strength of a child’s imagination is a great superpower, taking Jamie on big adventures like this one, but also forcing Jamie to comprehend his own feelings and understand what it means to let go of someone forever.
Directed by Maciej Stolarczyk (UK)