Independent Shorts Awards


Bagheera is the determined, young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop. Abducted by a terrifying psychopath, she uses the skills of her many achievement badges to escape and serve up a scorching retribution.
Directed by Christopher R. Watson (India)

Somewhere In Their Heads

“Somewhere In Their Heads” is a short documentary about the recording of Curse Of Lono’s second album ‘As I Fell’. Shot and edited by acclaimed music filmmaker Gregg Houston (Noel Gallagher, Two Door Cinema Club, Michael Kiwanuka, Foy Vance), ‘Somewhere In Their Heads’ follows Curse Of Lono as they record between London and a remote, desert studio in Joshua Tree, California. The film offers a unique glimpse into the recording process and the stories behind the songs, including deeply personal conversations about heroin addiction and the death of family members.
Directed by Gregg Houston (UK)


A young pregnant Kurdish girl survived an ISIS attack. And she comes out of Kurdistan with a group of refugees without any identification for a reason.
Directed by Maryam Pirband (USA)

Human Touch

Inspired by “The Hitchhiking Game” by Milan Kundera, “Human Touch” explores the story of two introverted individuals, constantly seeking human connection, finding intimacy through distance in roleplaying games, at parties.
Directed by Xavier Brydges (Australia)


A suspicious father catches his teenage daughter in an embrace with a stranger. Dad’s refusal to talk with the young man is finally resolved with a mysterious phone call.
Directed by Rusty Rhodes (USA)

My Identity

What makes you uniquely “you”? A short documentary about how one’s environment can shape their life. It tells a story of how your surroundings deeply influence your identity.
Directed by Kelly Needleman (USA)

Drifter Draft

“Drifter Draft” follows Martin Schrader, a drifting boy that wanders through the woods and the rural parish while his brother keeps a check on his heartbeat by asking Martin to give him the number of each place he ends up.
Directed by Ryan Rivière (USA)


A woman’s robot husband is about to be repossessed unless she can find work.
Directed by Shawn Donovan (USA)

Oh My Dog!

A clumsy airport worker is busy taking out the luggage from a plane. When one of the boxes falls and gets opened by accident, the worker will be startled by what he finds inside… Based on a true story!
Directed by Marco Comandini (Italy)