Independent Shorts Awards

R.I.P Kanye West

A public wake is being held for the relationship of Kanye West and the Black Culture. Many people from all over attend to speak their minds on the past and current events of Kanye West.
Directed by Darian Jobity (USA)


After Diana ‘s husband dead, a scientist preserved his brain. With the help from a world-renowned neurologist who is also her ex-boyfriend from college, she dedicated her whole life invented a machine called “Whisper”, in order to stay connected with her husband.
Directed by Di Hang (USA)

The Throne

When Justin Hawthorne decides it’s time to retire and pass on his doll company to his children, they are surprised, to say the least. After they remember how they hated it when they were little and the worthless company it is, they decide no. As they leave, a gardener tells them quite interesting news about the company and they rush to ask their father to take over the company. But he has other plans now that don’t involve them.
Directed by Andrew Proctor (USA)

Urban Soldier

After nuclear war devastates the nation, gangs rise in the five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island fighting for power. In his quest to unite the boroughs a scientist develops a new weapon, his daughter.
Directed by David M. Wallace (USA)


Two men sell a drug that grants its users a shared consciousness. When their stash is stolen, one of them must dive into the collective to figure out where it went.
Directed by Edoardo Ranaboldo (USA)

Mother’s Milk

“Mother’s Milk” is a dark comedy/horror short about the relationship that screenwriter Victor Miller had with his mother–the basis of the Mrs. Voorhees character in the movie Friday the 13th. In this cathartic tale, Victor, played by Miller, is alternatively controlled by his twisted mother Margaret, for whom he can never be good enough, and nurtured by his dream mother Billie, who acts as his salve.
Directed by Mike Sloat (USA)


On his wedding night, and with his honor at stake, the groom drags her bride to the hospital to figure out, through medical diagnosis, the thing that is usually supposed to happen on such a night. But doesn’t.
Directed by Alimohammad Eghbaldar (Iran)


Two women navigate the difficult space between love for their religion and for each other.
Directed by Dane Christensen and Jenn Lee Smith (USA)


A black college student falls victim to racial profiling after a campus alert describes him as a robbery suspect.
Directed by Nate Shively (USA)


Video-essay about the development of the human being focused on the process of learning to walk. The director appropriates the film material of her family and seeks to reconstruct her personal and family memory through the images of the memory.
Directed by Diana Cordova (Peru)