Independent Shorts Awards


“Drama” is a mockumentary following the clueless first-year film student as they try to make a documentary on actors and what makes them tick under the tutelage of enigmatic acting coach Syrius Jormungand.
Created by Luke Hanlon (Ireland)

Don’t Think Twice

A story of two best friends who forged their character through the sport of rock climbing. Gabe Irwin and Zak Horine have known each other since their childhood growing up in Boone, North Carolina. Both of them have faced challenges in their past, and both of them have overcome adversity by leaning on each other and spending time outdoors. This documentary follows the duo on an adventure in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.
Directed by Robert Gourley (USA)

Thirteen Thirtyfive

A girl gripping with identity issues dates a Van Nuys girl who’s involved with a crack dealer and other dangerous people. She is forced to come to terms with herself or stay hidden due to fears of her father.
Directed by Miguel Pelaez (USA)

Broken Sunflower Hearts

When his ex-boyfriend Sam shows up on his doorstep a year after separating, Anthony weighs the impact it will have on his life and young daughter Luna.
Directed by Miguel Angel Caballero (USA)

Thu Thuy: Mosaic Dreams

This documentary film is based on the original true story about Vietnamese female visual artist Nguyen Thu Thuy and her Public Artworks.
Directed by Nguyen Nghiem Nhan and Nguyen Thu Thuy (Vietnam)

Being a Daughter

This is a story about Mhei a 15-year-old girl who was born in a middle-class Thai-Chinese family. She feels that her parents love her brother way more than her.
Directed by Supakorn Kowathana (Thailand)

And Nothing Hurt

During WW2 a young terrified British Soldier flees from the turmoil of war only to come face to face with an altogether different kind of horror.
Directed by Gav Chuckie Steel (UK)

Story of Aishan

The is an animated documentary I made for my friend, who has suffered blindness since she was born. Light is the only thing she can perceive through her eyes. In this animated documentary, fragments of our conversations have been edited. All I want for this documentary is to let more people know about the hard life of my friend.
Directed by Hong Jia Bao (China)