Independent Shorts Awards

Difficult People

Akash, an aspiring graffiti artist lives with his father, Sudhakar in an old building in Mumbai. Akash’s mother has recently demised. Apart from the demise of the most beloved person, Akash and his father Sudhakar has one more thing in common, stubbornness! While standing against his father’s conventional approach, Akash struggles to find his creative expression in the vast liberating spaces of the Mumbai.
Directed by Sohil Vaidya (India)

It’s Quiet Here

Jordy struggles to move forward after the loss of his girlfriend Mackenzie. Through a series of notes from beyond the grave, Mackenzie attempts to show Jordy there is still beauty to be found in a seemingly quiet and lonely world.
Directed by Jeff Van Gerwen (USA)

Love at the End of Earth

The year is unknown, the world has been decimated by an unpredictable meteor strike leaving Austin and Eveline as the only survivors. Together they are able to keep each other afloat in a world of nothingness, but all that is, may not be what it seems.
Directed by Evan Morton (USA)

The Last Cry

A physically and mentally abused woman goes on a journey to self-discovery by unraveling her past.
Directed by Sofia Pellegrino (USA)


Unable to understand the death of his best friend, a teddy bear finds himself lost and confused as he struggles to move on.
Directed by Jeremy Tatara (USA)