Independent Shorts Awards


A young woman awkwardly reveals all of her life’s secrets on her very first date. But is anyone listening?
Directed by Derek Ahonen (UK)


Anny, a sixty-year-old painter, lives alone. During her many walks in the forest, she meets Laura, twenty-five, beautiful, bubbly and dynamic. An ambiguous relationship is established between them.
Directed by Fabrice Briseux (France)

Now, It’s Tomorrow

HARVARD, a brainy, pretentious Mexican-American returns to his family home in East Los Angeles for what was scheduled to be a brief pause in his education. His family is caring for AYERS, a compassionate emotionally lost Midwesterner. They become a romantic couple. As years progress both young men are faced with what might have been and all the goals they promised to one day achieve.
Directed by David Kennedy Polanco (USA)

The Student Body

Library maintenance worker Jeff harbors a secret love of salsa music and hankers after the cool and collected Librarian Venessa. But when a Student dies, and she is incriminated will he be able to save her?
Directed by Will Peppercorn (UK)

Medea’s Walk

“Medea’s Walk” is a Pasolini inspired Butoh opera staged in front of the UFO looking roof at Olympic stadium of Kiev.
Directed by Mel Hsieh (Ukraine)

Thank You

Comic Fielding Edlow explores women’s inherent inability to accept a compliment.
Directed by Garrett Sutton and Fielding Edlow (USA)