Independent Shorts Awards


Two sisters return home for their father’s funeral, only to discover hidden relics within a deserted house that explain unknown family secrets.
Directed by Kit Wilson (USA)

Mommy’s Girl

A family drama about a young girl’s struggle to pursue her passion for boxing despite her mom’s doubts. Student Film produced within the University of Southern California.
Directed by Adele Biraghi (USA)


In a vast and unsympathetic universe, a little snail has a good time painting.
Directed by Hunter Silvestri (USA)

Moon Corridor

A young woman in 1876 dreams of a little girl from the future. A little girl in 2018 sees the apparition of a young woman from long ago. And together they will fall through the brink of reality…
Directed by Alice Evermore (Germany)

The Black Mambas

South Africa’s first and only all-female, anti-poaching unit, fighting to rescue their country’s rhinos from the edge of extinction.
Comprised of a group of local, Black women, from the communities surrounding the Kruger National Park, these military-trained women are the eyes and ears on the ground, as they patrol the bush for any signs of poachers. Their work within the boundaries of the reserve has seen rhino poaching decrease by nearly 80%. But for these women, this is only a short-term solution and a small victory in a much bigger war. To tackle the greater socio-economic problems concerned with poaching, they have adopted a longer-term view and are taking their fight beyond the reserve’s fence. In starting their Bushbabies program, the Mambas are actively going out to the schools and communities surrounding the park, instilling in the children especially, a sense of pride and duty in protecting their most precious heritage, their wildlife.
Directed by Bruce Donnelly (USA)

Midnight Ranch

A group of friends heads up to a secluded family cabin for a weekend of relaxation… but when one disappears the weekend quickly turns into a nightmare nobody could have ever imagined.
Directed by Daniel Pattison (USA)

Hard Turn

Julian turns to alcohol to try and find answers after a tragic event scars him forever.
Directed by Jimmy Naples (USA)