Official Selection: September 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

10 Minutes by Aman Adlakha (USA)

A Bedtime Story by Monica Tidwell (USA)

A Doll’s Hug by Rob Chihwen Lo (Taiwan)

A Frustrated Software Engineer: 3 – An Onsite Dream by Mayank Singh (India)

A New Year’s Story by Kailin Gow (USA)

Allerton by Austin Hanner and Daniel Lawrence Wilson (USA)

Alone by Daniel Duane (USA)

Androktasiai by Yufeng Li (USA)

Angels Never Cry by Lok Kwan Woo (USA)

Ascension by Justin Adams (USA)

Atrocity by Justin Head (South Africa)

Battledream Chronicles: A New Beginning by Alain Bidard (France)

Beyond Bars by Johnny Holder (USA)

Black Coffee by Jason Perez (USA)

Blackout by Timothy Collins (USA)

Blood of Jerusalem by Jonathan Zsofi (Israel)

Blue Butterfly by Willis Man Chak Wong (Hong Kong)

Blue Gold by Jameson Pepper (France)

Bow With Me by The 2018 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking (USA)

Boys in the Boat by Nive Das and Ted Hornick (USA)

Breakers: Saving Harper Ross by Chason Laing (USA)

Breathe by Christian Pavlik (USA)

Bubu and the Little Owls: Rescue Operation by Bruna Biasotto, Thomaz Martins and Rafael Sosnowski (Brazil)

Buried by Neil Webster and Simon Killick (UK)

Burnt Out Light by Alex Howat (UK)

Charlie Winston: The Weekend by Ian Roderick Gray (UK)

Chocolate Cake by Mark William Hammond (USA)

Close Enough by Mahdi Hosseingholi and Mojtaba Zarghampour (Iran)

Cold City by Kelechi Jude (USA)

D.A.T.E by Sai Deodhar Anand (India)

Dagger by Mirren Buchanan (UK)

Deadly Call by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)

Ditched by Daniel Oramas (USA)

Don’t Look Back by Ashley Agren (USA)

Drown The Lovers by Israel Ekanem (Canada)

Embalming Fluid by Jeff Huston (USA)

Framed by Jonathan Burteaux (France)

Glissando by Min Shi (USA)

God I Need a Girlfriend by Foster Huntington/Movie Mountain (USA)

Gun by Edward William Wasser (USA)

Hauntings And Hallucinations: Three Tales Of Terror by Joel Stephen Birnie (Australia)

Headshot by Tiffany Liu (USA)

Hinoirinokaze: Wind of Sunset by Hideki Oshima (Japan)

Irish Goodbye by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (Sierra Leone)

It’s in the Trees by Ray Brady (UK)

Jawjaw: Survive This by Ian Roderick Gray (UK)

Kaun Banega Champion by Indumitra Bhardwaj (India)

Keep It Light by Malika Pellicioli (Switzerland)

Lara by Gordon Shoemaker (USA)

Letters Home by Jonah Jones (UK)

Local H: Innocents by Felix Piñeiro (USA)

Magic Schmuck! by Adam Steinfeld (USA)

Marie’s Crisis by Michael Vecchio (USA)

Max by Mr. Bouhaïk (France)

Meeraas (Inheritance) by Saurabh Thakur (India)

My Name Was January by Elina Gress and Lenee Son (Canada)

New New Yorker by Trevor Aune (USA)

Odyssey: An Exploration to the North by Hiroki Ito (Japan)

On the Border by Arturo M. Merelo (Mexico)

Once Were Heroes by Adrian Prospero (Australia)

Out of Order by Trifun Sitnikovski (Macedonia)

Oymyakon: The Story of the Coldest Inhabited Place by Dominik Bari (Slovakia)

Passé by Mengyuan He (USA)

Pin-Up by Liz Lachman (USA)

Portrait of a Lamb by Marco Zappala (USA)

Pseudo, A Kipe Korp Sequel by Stacy Owens (USA)

Quarume: Never Go Back by Arturo M. Merelo (Italy)

Rebirth (Punarjanam) by Amar Jyoti Jha (India)

Red Glory by Marcelle Abela (Malta)

Risky Boys by Max Vitko (Ukraine)

Rolling In The Deep by Marcellus Cox (USA)

Romance From a Distance by Kyle Dubiel (USA)

Rukky by Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku (Nigeria)

Separation by Charles Malone (USA)

Sexellence by Abiola Ogunbiyi (UK)

Shot Fired by Gilard Pierre-André (France)

Shotgun by Colin A. Borden (USA)

Sisak by Faraz Arif Ansari (India)

Soligram 2500 by Shari B. Ellis (USA)

Stalled by Landon Coats (USA)

Taarof: A Verbal Dance by Alannah Olivia (UK)

Team Teenettes by Brian Morelan (USA)

Terrordactyl by E.K. Scarfone (USA)

The Bag and The Bike by David Haye (USA)

The Boxer by Nicolai Brix (Denmark)

The Cassie Confession by Robert Mann (USA)

The Crossing by Jaak Erasmus (South Africa)

The Dove Never Breaks Its Promise by Tengku Adrian Ismail (Malaysia)

The Grounded Astronaut by Monimar Mancillas (USA)

The Interview by Sidartha Murjani (Canada)

The Kids Menu by Paul Borghese (USA)

The Last Coffee by Mate Holdosi (Hungary)

The Return by Sander Nap and Nils Vermeire (Netherlands)

The Salesman by Robin Hill (USA)

The Song Of Galesh by Kondor Shekari (Iran)

The Unicorn by Johann Nertomb (Guadeloupe)

The Uppermost by David Law and Aaron Little (USA)

The Window by Stephen McKinnon (Canada)

Thirsty by Aristote John Boyo (UK)

Tongue by Adriana Martins da Silva (Portugal)

Traveling Soldier by Andrew Trent Fleming and Lauren Cox (USA)

TrickShop by Brenda Jallits (USA)

Triggered by Justin Head (South Africa)

Trying by Holly Hargreaves and Simone Ball (Australia)

Two Brothers by Hanif Mike Karim (USA)

Unexpected Item by Stephen Gallacher (UK)

Unheard by Emilie Martel (USA)

United Hopes by Arwa Sawan (USA)

Untouched Liuwa by Richard Mcenery (UK)

Unvoiced by Jeremiah Kipp (USA)

Waking Up in Crazytown by Nathan Shelton (USA)

Wanting by Robin Gee (USA)

Whales by Nora Jaenicke (Italy)

What We Do Here by Kieran Hanson and Howard Walmsley (UK)

Ya Tou by Shawn S.X. Zou (Hong Kong)

You Sleep On The Couch by George Khouri (USA)