Official Selection: November 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

The following projects are the finalists of the round of November competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 31,3%):

#Metoo Gumshoe by Ilyse Mimoun (USA)

100 Days Under by Keensen Chambers (USA)

9,8 m/s2 by Michael Vaynberg (USA)

A Note To Self by Clay Fisher (Australia)

Acceptables by Michele Lyman (USA)

Adela by Unnur Jónsdóttir (Iceland)

Akashi by Mayumi Yoshida (Canada)

All I Can See by Margaux Fazio and Alexandra Nydegger (Switzerland)

Animal by Henry Young (Australia)

Are You My Mommy by Gavin Michael Booth (USA)

At Maria’s by Andrew Stennett (Australia)

Aunty Ji by Adeeb Rais (India)

Bala by Jesal Shah (India)

Beyond Darkness by Mishaal Almanaa (Kuwait)

Born To Die by Thomas McQuillan (UK)

Brent Handy Aerobatics: The Next Chapter by Maciej Hatta (Canada)

Butter Cup by Rathin Rao (USA)

Cahaba by Brett Blaylock (USA)

Callmeister by Sage Christian Drake (USA)

Captain Powerful by Antoine M Dillard (USA)

Carpe Diem by Jake Gigliotti and Kevin Shiramizu (USA)

Chapter 1: A Lesson From India by Moran Moradi (Israel)

Chichi by David Nessl (USA)

Closure by Kevin Austra (USA)

Clouds by Ludovic Veltz (France)

Color Me Done by Dominic Garcia (USA)

Construct by Kevin Margo (USA)

Coventown by Mike Reda (USA)

D.P.D. Echo 1 by Joe Malouf (USA)

Dark Hunters: The Series by Reno Venturi (USA)

Dark Specter II by Richard Tatum (USA)

Dead Leaf Butterfly by Dylan Riley Snyder (USA)

Deep Waters by Tiago Nery (Brazil)

Diane’s New Boyfriend by Dan Clark (UK)

Dodah by Jondaniel Cornett (USA)

Echo by Wendi Tang (USA)

Ek Bachchan E Bohu Bachchan by Ranjay RC (USA)

Eksodus by Nick Trost (USA)

Emptiness by Yoann Suberviolle (France)

End of an Era: Last of the V8s by Tom Long (UK)

Entitas by Hugo Diego Garcia (France)

Falling, Not Waving by Rob Layton (Australia)

Fantasy by Daniel Ferrell (USA)

Feeling Low: Lubiana by Semoulin Mehdi (Belgium)

For It Is Written by Daniel Ståhl (Sweden)

Fourth Position by Matthieu Estrem (USA)

Fractured Souls by Eliezer Vergara (USA)

Gold by An Phan (USA)

Gold From the Sky by Jason De Ford (USA)

Guilty Pleasure by Yannik Leibacher and René Müller (Switzerland)

Gym Life by Royce Adkins (USA)

Hidden Life by Valeria Brenes (Costa Rica)

Hiraeth by Teeshay (USA)

Hometown, Somewhere Like Me by HyunJoo Lee (South Korea)

Inertia by Patrick Gatling (Australia)

Karma Coma by Guillaume Courty (France)

La Guerra by Erin Nene-Lee Ramirez (USA)

Limbo by Andrew Sindt (USA)

Lobisome by Juan De Dios Garduño (Spain)

Lucia by Elias Djemil (Canada)

Lucky Henry by YuChen Tsai (USA)

Memoriam by Emmanuella Zachariou (USA)

Meng Hua Lu by Ty Brueilly (USA)

Mission Ouroboros by Xingyu Li (USA)

Mixed Signals by Tracie Laymon (USA)

My Best Friend by Catalin Bugean (Romania)

New Caledonia, Mother of the Coral Sea by Shawn Heinrichs (New Caledonia)

Night Light by Janic Kennedy (USA)

No Papers by Joseph Warren (USA)

Obsession by Fivos Imellos (Greece)

One Last Spin by Ali Matlock (USA)

Papa’s Little Girl by Dixie Stamey and Bobby Pimentel (USA)

Penalty by Lauren Pouchly (UK)

Pixie Dust by Swagata Naik (India)

Playing Ourselves by Nicolas Alayo (USA)

Practices From Beyond by Francesco Santoro (Italy)

Ranvir by Amit Dhuga (Canada)

Reflection by Jerry J. Cunningham (USA)

RIFT by Yuanyuan Sun (China)

Roadside Assistance by Ali Matlock (USA)

Rwanda, an African Metamorphosis by Omino Gardezi (USA)

Selah by JoJo Guevara (USA)

Selma After The Rain by Loli Menezes (Brazil)

Shadow by Sofia Kalogianni (Greece)

Shikisai: Four Seasons of Tohoku by Kenichi Sasaki (Japan)

Silver Light by Brad McDermott (Canada)

Something About Henry by John Borowski (USA)

Stride by Weston Taylor (USA)

SuperKlanMan by Michael Anthony Scott (USA)

Sweet & Bitter by Uduak Silas (USA)

Sweeter Than Isolation by Allysa Cole (USA)

Swimmers by John Anthony (USA)

Tell Him by Virginia Bach (France)

The Burger by Raul Brizuela, Alex Christensen, Galen Humber, Hannan Misaghian, Adeeb Navai, Meegin Sullivan and Saba Taghvai (Canada)

The Colorado Street Bridge Project by Guy Zhuoqin Yang (China)

The Dark Room by Faranak Sahafian (USA)

The Doll of Your Dreams by Mohamed H Morsy (USA)

The Drum I Hear Before I Die by Mimi Dahlén (Sweden)

The Ghost in the Kamera by Shona Dutta Charlton (UK)

The Killer Postman by Micah Ellars (USA)

The Last Straw by Allen Obisesan (Nigeria)

The Obituarist by Shannan Leigh Reeve (USA)

The Package by Robin L Posavetz (USA)

The Paper Boat by Rachele Wildmare (Australia)

The Power of Wastewater by Dom Cutrupi (Canada)

The Unit: Lessons On Living & Dying by Peggy Callahan (USA)

The Velvet Abstract by James Hughes (UK)

The Woman From Television by Steffen Jenner (Germany)

Their War by Max Mason (UK)

There’s Gotta Be Something More by Fiona Lincke (USA)

Three Little Hearts by Nina Kojima (UK)

Tino by Robin Hauser (USA)

Tiny House (Episode 2) by Owen Willaims and Merry Grissom (USA)

Today is a Good Day by Natalie A Evans (UK)

Underland by Gemma Paul (UK)

VISTA: The Story of a Shooting Victim by Patrick Michaud (Canada)

Written By? by Kankana Chakraborty (India)

You Are A Good Kid by Zichen Liang (USA)

Zola by Vivian Bausch (Austria)