Official Selection: July 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of July competing in 52 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 29,9% based on submissions from 19 countries with a total runtime of 89:32:42.

...And Some Don’t by Taylor Wilson (USA)

1947 Two Soldiers by Sravan Gajabhinkar (India)

A Faithless Act by Guilherme Filipe Régio (UK)

A New Chapter by Haoyii Lim (USA)

Ada by Dane Winn (UK)

Afterschool by Memie Osuga (USA)

Alpha Omega by Clément Papillon (France)

Always Hope by Janice L. Walker (USA)

Amazing Racers by Susan Colleen Snell (USA)

Be-Longing by Mike McKenzie (UK)

Believe by Anna Anaka (Canada)

Best Chance U by Elizabeth Jenny (USA)

Beyond the Green Mountain by Meicen Meng (China)

Blind Vampire by Eric Robert White (USA)

Blue Funk by Ashutosh Jha (India)

Bonsai by Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins (Canada)

Bucky by Geoffrey Gould (USA)

Cavendish, Pepys, and the Zombie Kiss of 1666 by James Fitzmaurice (UK)

Cherished by Carter Torao Lau (USA)

Christmas Shit by Sage Christian Drake (USA)

Circadia by Jacob Murray (USA)

Courage by Eric Wann (USA)

Dancer By The Sea by Barbara Mones (USA)

Dark Corner by Spencer Leonard (USA)

Dead Man’s Bluff by Franklin Guerrero, Jr. (USA)

Detox by Katherine Cattani (USA)

Dikshya by Brittney Thaxton (USA)

Disco Dynamite by Tom Clover (UK)

Division by Jonathan Reser (USA)

DNA by Celik Kayalar (USA)

Don’t Look at Me Like That by Leonardo Martinez (USA)

Dope D.O.D. and Gemtaiz: Scooby Doo Gang by Anton van der Linden (Netherlands)

Downstream by Scott D Clark (Australia)

Eugene vs Humanity by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Expiration by Lisheng Zhang (USA)

Fade by Jonathan Levit (USA)

Featherweight by Kayleigh Gibbons (UK)

FOBia by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke (USA)

For Lily by Zane Morrow (USA)

For While by Jess Irish (USA)

Forest Creatures Feel No Cold by Edoardo Cantiello (UK)

Fragile Beauty by Alan Kaplan (USA)

Fully Formed Adults by Scott Boxenbaum (USA)

Giving Up the Moon by Samantha Bloomfield (USA)

God’s Gracie by Chateau Bezerra (USA)

Grieving Process by Ty Brueilly (USA)

Hear Me by Kevin M. Turner (USA)

Helping You To Forget by Scott Nelson (USA)

Home by Julia Weaver (USA)

Home by Michael J Claman (USA)

I Can’t Hear by Qiman Zheng (USA)

Into Daylight by Stephanie Botelho (USA)

Isolation by Justin Bromley (Canada)

It’s The Eyes by Robert Dempsey and Shania Harris (UK)

J City Heights: Bear and Bitcoin by Kyle John Blake and Kenyon Hoag (USA)

Know Me So Well by Starr Nathan (USA)

Leaving Therapy by Steven Levine (USA)

Life of a Mosquito by Hannah Simicic (New Zealand)

Linoleum by Niki Noves (France)

Long Distance by David Thompson (USA)

Lost Thekra by Almuhannad Alkadam (USA)

Love Sick by Mark Emilio Sciubba (USA)

Luger by Freddie Waters (UK)

Maria by Cuquis Robledo (USA)

Memento Audere Semper by Giulia Lupetti (USA)

Mente Mariposa by Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins (Mexico)

Merganser Migration by William Harper (USA)

Mountain Ave by Sean Renzetti (USA)

New Season by Francis Franco (Canada)

Olhouser by Matt Fletcher (UK)

Only in Dreams by Travis Mauck (USA)

Past Consumption by Chad Todhunter (USA)

Pâté by Matthew Emery (USA)

Perchance to Dream by Scott Nelson (USA)

Perfect Lives by Cole Huey (USA)

Pineapplism by Ami Phi (Australia)

Queue by Jacob Worden and Jessica Wilson (USA)

Rainbow Mothers by Elle Luan (China)

Red Kraken by Andrii Lantukh (USA)

Rivaj’ by Koreen Valard (Martinique)

Ronald by Britt Banks (USA)

Rooted in Arizona by Christian Ely (USA)

Rose by Skyler Brigmann (USA)

Rubber Room by Dugan Bridges (USA)

Ryoko’s Qubit Summer by Yuichi Kondo (Japan)

Secret Space by Cameron Elmore (USA)

Serpendipity by Carlos Mejia and Kevin Barwick (USA)

Sip by Kelly Elsas (Australia)

Skye Steele: Rise of Nefertiti by Howard Perry (UK)

Snow in the Summer by Daun Han (South Korea)

Submerged by Angie Nicholas (USA)

Sunshine Policy by Angela Koh (USA)

Sur’vi by Stephen Wise (USA)

Survivor Girl by Laura Russo (USA)

Ten Hours by Trevor Morgan (USA)

The Carting Call by Armin Nasseri (USA)

The David by Jan Bauer (USA)

The Dustbin Connection by Chowdhury Asif Jahangir Arko (Bangladesh)

The Fabulous Life of Mr. Fabulous by Ludovico Torri (USA)

The Family, Your Choice by Andrea Vaccarelli (Italy)

The First Boy I Loved by Qinmeizi Le (USA)

The Host by Pawel Son Ngo (Poland)

The Ins and Outs of Community Property by Mike Stinnett (USA)

The Interrogation by George Sayah (USA)

The Koi by Qiyu Zhou (USA)

The Last Cry by Sofia Pellegrino (USA)

The Legend of Um Elmagareen by Moeez Alrammah (USA)

The M.I.C.E. in the Wall by Jimmy Naples (USA)

The Quickening by Brad Cooper (USA)

The Runner by Patrick Reynolds (USA)

The Screaming Monster in the Closet by Alex Tasker (USA)

The Soul of Iceland by Marcello Ercole (Italy)

The Three Bobs by Roxanne Marciniak (USA)

They Broke In by Jeremy Reyes (USA)

Three Hundred Days by Zeyu Zhang (USA)

Tiffany by Christina Christie (USA)

Turtle Taido in Osun and Kogi States by Artie Romero (Nigeria)

Two Introverts by Daniel Galuppo (USA)

Unmasked by Celik Kayalar (USA)

Vendetta by Andres Jarrin (USA)

Violet Rain by Shaun Lupton (USA)

Virtually by P. Patrick Hogan (USA)

When I Was 5 or 6 Years Old by Dieter Michael Grohmann (Austria)

Wish by Kaustuv Mukherjee (USA)

Young Black Male by Kaelan Laurence (USA)

Your Heart is Homeless by Darren Brade (UK)

Zulay and Her Little Wood House by Cuquis Robledo (USA)

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