Official Selection: January 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects are the finalists of the round of January competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 27,7%):

(You’re) The Devil in Disguise by Jaime Barrenechea (USA)

#JustBlack by Deondra J. Edwards (USA)

A City in Chaos by Lisa Tuvalo (USA)

Abortion Mary by Rui Niu (China)

Absolution by Stirling Matheson (USA)

After Party by Pablo Adame (Mexico)

And Then She Came at Midnight by Jonathan Zuroff (USA)

Another Christmas to Santa by Isaac Rubio (USA)

Arcana Six by Mackenzie Patrick Flynn (USA)

Arson by Christopher Ortiz (USA)

Baking Cookies for a Witch’s Funeral by Frank Halbiger (USA)

Beloved Stranger by Marco Gasser and Fabio Gasser (Spain)

Blood Means Nothing by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

Bonsai Dream by Jimmie Chiverelli (Canada)

Boob Sweat by Charlotte Guerry (USA)

Brain Engagement by Patrick Neff (USA)

Burying Mitchell by Sam Williamson (USA)

Cached by Daniel Lake (USA)

Cancelled by Natalie Silver (USA)

Chhi Chhi (Dirty) by Surabhi Saral Sachdev (India)

Climbing Trees by Matthew R. Ford (UK)

Clueless by Nathan Moore (USA)

Coil by Jeremy Tatara (USA)

Constant Treason by Ruvin Orbach (USA)

Descent by Annie Poling Swet and Max Jordan (USA)

Dosed by Zachary Leipert (USA)

Drawing Straws by Danny Marshall (USA)

Emotical by Ellis E. Fowler (USA)

Faceless for the Voiceless by Nicholas Snyder (Belgium)

Flotating by Frankie De Leonardis (Spain)

For Summer by Jessie Kirby (UK)

For the Best by Raquel Chatfield-Taylor (USA)

Forgive Me by Alyssa Standen (USA)

God Has Already Gone Ahead (Gott Ist Schon Weg) by Peter Böving (Germany)

Going Down: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Office Christmas Party by Megan Maczko (UK)

Gold by Kaz PS (USA)

Golden Years of Moscow by Andrew Efimov (Russia)

Happy Birthday Art by Andy Harmon (USA)

Harmless by Vishesh Mankal (India)

He’s a Space Debris From The Doomsday Prophecy by Tsung-Fan Tan (Taiwan)

Head Space by Timon Williams (UK)

Here’s Your Flag by Jonny Lewis (USA)

Highest Wishes by Derek Rodarte (USA)

Home by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)

Horace the Hawk by Doug Whitehead (USA)

Hua-Yu Walker by Tsai Tsai (Taiwan)

Hunter’s Game by Ian Pozzebon (Canada)

Husband Approved by Max Gleiser (USA)

In Beautiful Dreams by Nick Adrian (USA)

In My Blood by Miranda Z. Allen (USA)

In Trouble of Self by Gaspa (France)

In Union and Death by Santiago Niembro (Mexico)

It’s Nothing by Eamonn Larsen (USA)

Italian Pizza Masters by James Orr (USA)

Jaguar I-PACE: Fully Charged by Ben Lawrie (UK)

Julieta by Vicente Gonzalez (USA)

Kid, the Moon by Justin Portaro (USA)

Kids of the Video by Sławek Podwojski (Poland)

Let Us Be Heroes: The True Cost Of Our Food Choices by Rebecca Cappelli and Abhi Anchliya (Singapore)

Line of Fire by Mike Johnston (Canada)

Live Your Dream by André Hope (Norway)

Lucky by Riley Wood (USA)

Man to Man by Bo Gao (USA)

Meïa: Under The Sky Of Your Tough Love by Alberto Negrete Rimbau (USA)

Milestone by Aviv Kaufman (Israel)

Miss Kataria by Alyssa Bhikha (New Zealand)

Miss Represent by Ken Lewis (USA)

Mosul Grad by Murtadha Al-Musawi (Iraq)

Mr Franco by Vincenzo Palazzo (Italy)

Ms. Fortune by Alice Weber (USA)

Naresh by Tuhin Basu (India)

Nightingale by Gowtham Namasivayam (USA)

Notes From Melanie by Chris Stuckmann (USA)

Obscured Reflection by Alexandra Balda (USA)

Over. Above. Beyond. by Steve Cachero (USA)

Paris You Got Me by Julie Boehm (Germany)

Pretty Odd by Lorelei Essman-Freeman (USA)

Proof of Life by Adam Harm (USA)

Ruffians by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)

Sare Jahan Se Accha by Gurprasad Singh (India)

Send Me To Hell, Baby by Todd Davies (Canada)

Senior Living by Zachary Just (USA)

Signed by Joe Schufreider (USA)

Skin: The Movie by Ronn Kilby (USA)

Sleepless by Christian Ludwig (Germany)

Slice of Heaven by Johnnard Harper (USA)

South Central State of Mind by Timur Bootzin (USA)

Space Castle by Crystal Hughes (USA)

Spray!: The Best Friend by Zachary Trussell (USA)

Static Panic! by Gabriel de Varona (USA)

Stay Away by Xiao Tang (UK)

Still Here by Troy Charbonnet (USA)

Subpar by Michael Friedman (USA)

Swijwonk by Ernie Berger (USA)

Sylvia by Sara Newton (USA)

Tales of a Shadowboxer by Samantha Herrera (USA)

The Derailers by Joe Bartone (USA)

The Door by Christian Stark (USA)

The Hum by Leonardo Lenzini (Italy)

The Interview by Stanislav Sambozhuk (Germany)

The Jesse Daniels Story by Peter Porta (Spain)

The Next Victim by Kate Manning (USA)

The Paramedics by Jack Scott and Tom Middleton (UK)

The Queen of Connemara by Ed Hannigan (USA)

The Reapers by Josh Kaukl (USA)

The Room In The Elephant by Tricia Lee (USA)

The Shepherd Sings A Song by Andrew Ni (USA)

The Topaz Troop by Tori Ewing (USA)

The Wheelchair Warrior of India by Vipasha Kiran (India)

Tierradulce by A Fernandez (Panama)

Trigger Finger by Nick Nevern (UK)

Vers La Lune by Christian Stark (USA)

Victor!! by James Zeiss (USA)

When IT Comes by Jordan Wright (USA)

When The Fire Goes Down by Kerem Kurtuluş (Turkey)