Official Selection: February 2019

Independent Shorts Awards  The following projects are the finalists of the round of February competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 37,4%):

6,743 Count My Voice! by Shristi Joshi (Nepal)

A Family Barbecue by Freddie Basnight (USA)

A Five Rupees Smile by Kushal Dasgupta (India)

A Man Walks into a Coffee Shop by Shannon Baranauskas (USA)

Amity by Jordan McAfee-Hahn (USA)

An Aspirational Space by GG Hawkins (USA)

An Odyssey: Running Scared by Mason Hubbard (Australia)

Anacronte by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette (Argentina/Mexico)

Andersen and the Jinn by Rogier van Beeck Calkoen (Spain)

Arcanum by Andrew Vandaele (Netherlands)

Asheng by Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili (Iran)

Back Track by Virgil Widrich (Austria)

Billion Dollar Bus Stop by Chad Austin Kerr (USA)

Black Gold by Aaron Huggett (Canada)

Blossoming Green by Jeremy Tatara (USA)

Bomi(native) by Kiumars Sarshar (Iran)

Bon Appetit by Surapong Ploensang (Thailand)

Broken English by Oscar Alvarez (USA)

Chemistry Read by Norm Lang (USA)

Crush by Heather Harris (USA)

Definition of Politics by Sahadat Russell (Bangladesh)

Down by Arnaud Mizzon (France)

Dungeness by Stephen Gates (UK)

Empathy by Farshad Khalilpour (Canada)

Flickering Lights by Joby Stephens (UK)

Footstep by Haydar Demirtas (Turkey)

Gloom // Bloom by Etienne Perrone (France)

Grillin’ by Christopher James Heiman (USA)

Guilty!!! by Steven Helgoth (USA)

Ham Jam by Sage Christian Drake (USA)

Heads by Jeffrey William Tenney (USA)

Healing Yesteryear by Sandra Dee Richardson (USA)

Held For A Moment by Edward Japp (UK)

I Shall Wear Midnight by Anna Hildebrandt (Australia)

In Limbo by Anthony M. Veller (USA)

In My Blood by Miranda Z. Allen (USA)

In Plain Sight by Paul Foster (USA)

In Search of Paul by Liang Ce (USA)

Invictus by Angie Rowntree (USA)

Juncture by Anthony Fanelli (USA)

Knight of the Kolossos by Jeremy Storey (USA)

Loneheart by T.J. Penton (USA)

Lunchtime is Over by Bruce Nachsin (USA)

Meeting Brown by Ana Lydia Monaco (USA)

Memories of A Balcony by Mojtaba Mahmoudi (Iran)

Motel Night by Travis Myers (USA)

Motions by Stephen P. Davis (USA)

Murakami’s Main Character by Cary Chen (China)

Night of the Living Dad by Vanessa North Scarpelli (USA)

Northern Star by Jason Cortez (USA)

Our Fathers’ Sins by Gan (Canada)

Out Of It by Katy Erin (USA)

Parametric by Alice Evermore (Germany)

Perfectly Unnoticed by Denice Zwiers (Netherlands)

Pick A Number by Işıl Reina (Turkey)

Pool by Ben Majest (USA)

Rawdon’s Roof by Monica Tidwell (USA)

Road Trip Anyone? by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)

Ruthless by Nolan Ford (USA)

Seize the Day by Eric Vander Borght (Netherlands)

She Comes In Colors Everywhere by Yao Yu (USA)

Slow Dance by Nick Pollack (USA)

Stay by Foroud Avazpour (Iran)

Storytellers by Govind Chandran (UK)

Strigoi by Adam Lapallo (USA)

Sweet Sixteen by Amelia Hoang (USA)

The Beauty of It by Cameron Moon (UK)

The Bumbry Encounter by Jay K Raja (USA)

The Changing Same by Joe Brewster (USA)

The Dust Child by Toby Kearton (USA)

The Last Scene by Nan Li (USA)

The Man Who Died Once by Bidhya Chapagain (Nepal)

The Other You by Lena Krivosheyeva (USA)

The Reeves by Lavern Spruill (USA)

The Uniform by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

The Wait of Stones by Dave Huber (USA)

Tillie by Olivia Anton (USA)

Too Young: Two Mornings by Takuya Okamoto (Japan)

Us Two by Brenda Sabbagh (Argentina)

Violet by Rafael Hernán Gamboa (USA)

When the Train Stops by James Kerwin (USA)

You Can’t Do Nothing, Can You? by Mei Leng Yew (UK)

You Should be Grateful by Heather Waters (Australia)