Official Selection: December 2018

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects are the finalists of the round of December competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 46,3%):

100 Years of Freeze by Assaf Al Rousan (Jordan)

A Friend in Need by Matt George Lovett (UK)

Acting Is My Destiny by Youlim Nam (USA)

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away by Brody Gordon (USA)

An Ode to My Mother by George Turnbull (Canada)

Angelika by Josh Minnie (USA)

As the Earth Turns by Richard H. Lyford (USA)

Attack of the Zombie Tumor’s by Christopher Annino (USA)

Beautiful Ending by Tracy McClung (USA)

Beautiful, Diverse, Fun! by Eduardo Ramirez (USA)

Better Days by Sujosh Mukherjee (USA)

Bigger Picture by Eric Felizardo (Canada)

Billy’s Bear by Zhihui Yang (USA)

Blue Jay Hearts by Alexis Cruz (USA)

Bright Eyed In The Mornin’ by Maria Fiorentini (Ireland)

Calamity Bot by Chas Harrington (UK)

Caminante (La Tête de Mon Frère) by Dieter-Michael Grohmann (Belgium)

Charlie’s Concept by Madison De La Garza (USA)

Concrete Rose by LaDarrion Williams (USA)

Dean’s List by Daniel R Ferrell (USA)

Derek by Bettina Campomanes and Ellis Senger (USA)

Det Femme Fatale by Ernie Berger (USA)

Dollhouse by Mariya Ranieli (USA)

Dushchakra (Vicious Circle) by Ashutosh Jha (India)

Eclosion by Jenny Ni (Canada)

Expend by Bismark Fernandes (USA)

Farewell to the Ark by Yi-Feng Chang (Taiwan)

Feeling at Home by Tullio Imperatore (Italy)

Fifteen Year Proposal by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)

Give + Take by Armand Hamouth (Canada)

Grind by Jesse Ung (New Zealand)

Grip by Barret Mulholland (USA)

Hot Dog by T.J. Yoshizaki (USA)

Hunger by Michel Wild (Switzerland)

Induction to Purgatory by Ray Brady (UK)

Kuo’s Eyes by O.B. De Alessi (Italy)

Life Depart by Manuel Kamunen (Finland)

Local Support Group by Calum O’Brien (UK)

Next Stop by Brad Gibson (Canada)

No Escape by Niko Baumbach and Beshoy Eskarous (USA)

One New Message by Justin Knoepfel (USA)

Out of Nowhere by Ben Yonker (USA)

Outside Thoughts by Molly Haddon (Australia)

Parking 58 BXL by Dieter-Michael Grohmann (Belgium)

Ping Pong Pigeons by Charlotte Wincott (USA)

Pretty Little Bubbles by James Garrett (USA)

Prōˌses by Adrian Vieni (Canada)

Random Knowledge by Michael Charron (USA)

Reap It by Felix Crumbsy (USA)

Romance Noir by Ernie Berger (USA)

Sea at Night by Kim Fabienne Hertinger (Germany)

Shadows by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Shining Tor by Andrew David Barker (UK)

Shucks by Ty Brueilly (USA)

Silence Of The Mimes by Nicholas Kennedy (USA)

Spin to Win by Michael Anthony Giudicissi (USA)

Star in the East by Katie Garibaldi and Marc Morgan (USA)

Summon by Madison Calicchia (USA)

Tea Party by Kevin Isaacson (USA)

Teachers: The Unsung Heros for Students Across the Globe by Glenn Maxwell (USA)

The 9 to 6 Sense by Anthony Schraeder (USA)

The Carpool by Jonathon Graham (USA)

The Devil May Care Trilogy Part 1: Blood by Jonathan Creed (Australia)

The Feast of the Goat by Saeed Zamanian (Iran)

The Man Code (Episode 1) by Damon Darell (USA)

The Man in the Back Seat by Tom Kircher (USA)

The Pain by Hasty Mohammai (Iran)

The Quintet of the Sunset by Jie Weng (China)

The Rainbow by Jayden McGinlay (Australia)

The Selfie Project by Barbara Holstein (USA)

The Story of Our Workflow by Alex Safavinia (Malaysia)

The Tormentors by Rod Lopez (USA)

Thicker Than Water by Rachel Bass (USA)

Trans Rights Are Human Rights by Christopher Annino (USA)

TRVL M8S by Jason McGhinnis (USA)

Two Old Boys by Andrew David Barker (UK)

Under the Hood by Kevin McBride (USA)

Under The Weather by Julia Walker (USA)

Where Is My Mind by Clay Folden (USA)

Without You by Allan J. Arcal (Spain)