Honorable Mentions: April 2018

Honorable MentionsBest Narrative Short: ‘64 Koufax by Kobus Louw (USA)

Best Narrative Short: Hearts Want by Jason P. Schumacher (USA)

Best Narrative Short: Hotel Al Naim by Shirin Abu Shaqra and Manuel Maria Perrone (Lebanon)

Best Narrative Short: I Wanted To Tell You by Cohen Bacry (France)

Best Narrative Short: The Pharaoh’s Eye by Alejandro Alberola (Mexico)

Best Drama Short: Henningsson by Lina Engborg (Sweden)

Best Drama Short: Three Days and Three Nights by Yos Park (USA)

Best Indie Short: Mother (Om) by Ahmed Alkhudari (Kuwait)

Best Indie Short: Text Zen by Julián Castro and Alejo Rosemberg (Argentina)

Best Documentary Short: Fadeaway by Sofia Kyritsis (Canada)

Best Documentary Short: Once Upon a Time: The Savannah by Robert Henno (Belgium)

Best Documentary Short: Scouting for Light by Coline Morand (France)

Best Documentary Short: Sudep (Sudden & Unexpected) by Tanzeal Rahim (Australia)

Best Documentary Short: The Firefox Guardian by Gunjan Menon (India)

Best Animation Short: Substratae by Margie Kelk (Canada)

Best Comedy Short: Nothing But by Katrina Lena (USA)

Best Crime Short: You’ve Got Text by Matthew Moore (USA)

Best Horror Short: Karaoke by Simon Richards (UK)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Ro-Boob: The Farting Robot Monster by Logan Fry (USA)

Best Western Short: Only God Forgives by Tino Luciano (USA)

Best Music Video: Jahan Nostra “Embrace The Rain” by Jamil Hannibal Wilson and Shane McLellan (USA)

Best Microfilm: Check Please! by Chad Meisenheimer and Shane Ryan (USA)

Best Student Short: Determination by Anna Tkebuchava (USA)

Best Student Short: Hero Complex by Mohamad AlYamani (USA)

Best Student Short: Setback of the Spirit by Sa’ed Arouri (Jordan)

Best Drone Short: Winterdream in Bavaria by Paul Hoehenberger (Germany)

Best Commercial/Promotional: Tokenize Anything by Simone Cassas (USA)

Best Male Director: Ahmed Alkhudari for Mother (Om) (Kuwait)

Best Male Director: Derek Frey for God Came ‘Round (UK)

Best Male Director: Luca Machnich for The Eve (Italy)

Best Male Director: Waner Biazus for Ego Sum! (I Am!) (Brazil)

Best First Time Director: Jegen John Peter for The Journey (Malaysia)

Best Young Filmmaker: Ember Crowley for Inner Thoughts (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Mann Shah for The Grey (India)

Best Actor: Arcângelo Zorzi for Ego Sum! (I Am!) (Brazil)

Best Actor: Charles Sharman-Cox for The Tell Tale Heart (UK)

Best Actor: Jody Quigley for Impuratus (USA)

Best Duo: Chad Meisenheimer and Shane Ryan for Check Please! (USA)

Best Cinematography: André Hope for A Year Gone By (Norway)

Best Cinematography: Andrii Andreiev and Olga Andreieva for The Pacific: Beyond Words (Ukraine)

Best Cinematography: Derek Frey for God Came ‘Round (UK)

Best Cinematography: Gabriel Calderwood for 1st June (UK)

Best Editing: Mauro Villani for The Maze (Italy)

Best Editing: The Eve (Italy)

Best Original Score: LILT by Josiah Cuneo (USA)

Best Original Score: Only God Forgives (USA)

Best Visual FX: The Eve (Italy)

Best Original Story: Lion by Davide Melini (UK)

Best Short Script: Enginuity by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

Best Short Script: Red Shirt by Mary C. Ferrara (USA)

Best Short Script: The Freezer by Martin Keady (USA)