Gold Awards: September 2018

Independent Shorts AwardsBest Narrative Short: On the Border by Arturo M. Merelo (Mexico)

Best Drama Short: Shot Fired by Gilard Pierre-André (France)

Best Indie Short: Pin-Up by Liz Lachman (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Oymyakon: The Story of the Coldest Inhabited Place by Dominik Bari (Slovakia)

Best Comedy Short: Unexpected Item by Stephen Gallacher (UK)

Best Thriller Short: Blackout by Timothy Collins (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Drown The Lovers by Israel Ekanem (Canada)

Best Animation Short: Androktasiai by Yufeng Li (USA)

Best Women Short: Taarof: A Verbal Dance by Alannah Olivia (UK)

Best LGBT Short: Pin-Up by Liz Lachman (USA)

Best Music Video: God I Need a Girlfriend by Foster Huntington/Movie Mountain (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Battledream Chronicles: A New Beginning by Alain Bidard (France)

Best Experimental Short: The Return by Sander Nap and Nils Vermeire (Netherlands)

Best Student Short: 10 Minutes by Aman Adlakha (USA)

Best Director (Female): Mengyuan He for Passé (USA)

Best Director (Male): Landon Coats for Stalled (USA)

Best First Time Director: Gordon Shoemaker for Lara (USA)

Best Student Director: Aman Adlakha for 10 Minutes (USA)

Best Actress: Christina Chang for Pin-Up (USA)

Best Actor: Pin-Chieh Su for A Doll’s Hug (Taiwan)

Best Acting Duo: Sara Gonçalves and Joana Brandão for Tongue (Portugal)

Best Acting Ensemble: Holly Hargreaves and Simone Ball for Trying (Australia)

Best Cinematography: Felix Piñeiro for Local H: Innocents (USA)

Best Editing: Ngai Melody Ava Chan for Blue Butterfly (Hong Kong)

Best Visual FX: Barry Jesse Smith, Brian Morelan and Kevin Smyth for Team Teenettes (Canada)

Best Sound Design: Alex Howat for Burnt Out Light (UK)

Best Original Score: Ryan Jobson for Team Teenettes (Canada)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Angels Never Cry by Lok Kwan Woo (USA)

Best Short Script: New New Yorker by Trevor Aune (USA)