The Sun Set in 1997

A college student needs to make a choice on whether or not to apply to a $1,000 “Love Your Mother” scholarship after he envisions the life he thinks his mom had in 1997.
Directed by Triana Peña (USA)

A Ferry Tale

This short film is about a father and his two autistic children. They get on the ferry on a wintry day. They meet with some disappointing incidents in their short trip. Due to some impatient passengers’ reactions to his children’s unintentional actions, the father feels sad and loses his hope.
Directed by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)


The story of an Iranian singer who has been far away from her homeland since many years ago, and is unable to remember anything but her childhood memories around the Urmia Lake; which is facing the risk of entire disappearance and drought…
Directed by Kiarash Motarjemi (Iran)


In an ambiguous motel room, a couple’s journey is shown across a non-linear timeline.
Directed by Emma Kayani (UK)

A Princess Quest

In this comedy misadventure, princess and protector merrily make their way to safety after the death of the Queen but are attacked by a bandit.
Directed by Stephonika W Kaye (USA)


Dakota Nieves and Indiana Baker explore their experiences growing up as transgender high school students in New York City. We wanted their stories to be told through their own voices in the hopes that it would encourage others to look beyond appearances and go beyond their own assumptions.
Directed by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin (USA)