A singular garden

The relationship of a historical and urban garden, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with the people that transit through it, in a space-time crossing.
Directed by Monica Klemz (Brazil)


Vishada means depression in Sanskrit. A teenage girl who went through harassment and a dark past. This story shows how a girl could end up in the midst of handling her mental pressure and stress.
Directed by Malathi Sivagami (Malaysia)


When a story is narrated backward, actions are undone and grief turns into hope.
Directed by CV Ramana (India)

A Matter of Taste

Louis Racine is a librarian. Inspired by the courage and the sense of duty of his grandfather, a soldier who died during the Second World War, he writes an ambitious essay about Québec. Louis’s difficulties to sell his book bring him to reevaluate the values he cherishes.
Directed by David Labrecque (Canada)

The Wolf

Joshua has been working Wilehelm’s ranch for years when a newcomer to the west, Bruck, arrives, buying up the land and buying out ranchers. Joshua is the last to surrender what he’s worked so long for – the ranch and all of its land – set to be his when Wilhelm dies. But there’s a history longer than a single Land Baron and a hard-working ranch hand. Joshua and Bruck have been through this struggle before in other lives as the scene is set for them to confront each other once again.
Directed by Shane Morrisun (USA)

Animus per Machina

What if everyone would look the same but still a distinction is being made? The protagonists, black balls, are transported into a factory. They make their way through the selection process, that seems completely random. What will happen to them in the end?
Directed by Danja Politis (Netherlands)

The Unpainted Woman

Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor.
Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all.
Directed by Kathy Rose (USA)

Personal Demons

With the help of her dead aunt, Pandora desperately fights for her sobriety, her sanity, and ultimately her very soul.
Directed by Brinke Stevens (USA)