Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder

“Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder” is a multi-award-winning non-narrative “visual music” film; its five movements (the short-subject contains one section from each movement) use computer animation, painted film, and photographic sources (together with an original electronic-music soundtrack), and map loosely onto the sections of the catholic mass (but with an epistle lesson from Martin Luther King and a credo by Mahatma Gandhi).
Directed by Stephen Travis Pope (USA)

Ego Sum! (I Am!)

It’s night, rain. Father and amateur filmmaker, in the church are shooting a docummentary. The filmmaker captures in camera, paintings at the ceilling of the cathedral. They shift personal impressions about their meanings. They evoke God, angels, demons and men.
Directed by Waner Biazus (Brazil)


With an ice storm on his heels, Detective Clayton Douglas of the Allentown Police Dept. travels across the snow-covered road to what seems like the middle of nowhere. Out in this vast emptiness sits the massive state hospital.
Directed by Michael Yurinko (USA)

I Wanted To Tell You

A closed session, a man and a woman, will tell each other over the course of a whole evening, what they have not been able to express in five years of living together. How far can we take the incommunicability, which is growing day by day between two beings…
Directed by Cohen Bacry (France)


“Nisa” tells the story of two roommates whose relationship is challenged by the arrival of an unexpected visitor. A film about love and the many forms it takes.
Directed by Barbara S. Müller (Austria)


An accident and the inability to walk belong to the protagonist’s past as axioms, postulates that do not need to be explained. Each and every one of us is somehow touched by disability.
Directed by Elisa Possenti (Italy)


Soap bubbles are infiltrating a robot factory of arms.
Subversiveness against logical reasoning.
Who will get the upper hand?
Directed by Bellopropello (Switzerland)