A ragtag group is about to flee illegally across a border. They’re confronted with their fears and hopes. The boundaries between reality and dream blur…
Directed by Cem Arslan (Germany)

One Small Step

What does it take to achieve your dreams? An ambitious young girl endeavors to realize her aspiration of becoming an astronaut with the support of her humble father.
Directed by Bobby Pontillas and Andrew Chesworth (USA)

Love Interrupted

A lovesick young man, in the grips of a mental breakdown, falls in love with a girl who’s too good to be true.
Directed by Cameron Denny (USA)

Sounds of Freedom

“Sounds of Freedom” is a web series about Julia, a servicewoman who returns from the Iraq war, and Vietnam Veteran Charlie. Both suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder. From their jobs at the local newspaper, and through a series of flashbacks and sessions with a common therapist, these two veterans are challenged to the max when a serial killer strikes at home.
Directed by Holly Chadwick (USA)

The Kiss

Despina, a dynamic woman who hates romantic stereotypes, feels lonely. While looking through her social media account it informs her that today is her ex’s birthday. After wishing him a Happy Birthday, she impulsively invites him over for a glass of wine. When Giorgos comes over it is obvious he is hoping her invitation will turn into a reconciliation but is Despina keen on making the necessary compromises? His youthful naivety and her stubborn principles may be on a collision course.
Directed by George Leontakianakos (Greece)

Megha: A Song of Silence

A highly emotional story of a girl who is born deaf in a familiar scenario of poverty, illiteracy and social ostracism, and who gets a cochlear implant which transforms her life.
Directed by Neeru Khera and Ujjwal Pandey (India)

Holding On

A young man has a romantic rendezvous with the love of his life… but something is very off.
Directed by Devin Redmond (USA)