Just Keep Going

This particular animation was made to show what it is like to create art with depression. People tend to idealize the “tortured artist”, that when we at our lowest we create our best. Yes, the pieces we create can be beautiful, but to the artist (or at the very least myself) the piece holds those emotions. When we look at the work after it is done, all we can see are those low points. The audience may appreciate what has been created, but we only see the pain that inspired it.
Directed by Kelsey Ward (USA)

Kingdom of Bliss

A traumatic incident causes V, a heroin addict, to rethink the choices she’s made. But she soon realizes the hard truth of her reality.
Directed by Malachi Whitten (USA)


What we see as wrong may be seen as the right to the others. We feel that killing is wrong but we do not know what is going on in the head of the killer. Hence, “Grey” will take you on a journey, to a psychotic thriller and seat gripping shots which will open your eyes and make you want to see more.
Directed by Mann Shah (India)

Cops and Daughters

For as long as she can remember, ten-year-old Lucy’s law enforcing father has been the moral center of her universe. Until she makes a discovery that’ll change her perspective forever.
Directed by Max Ardron (UK)


A homeless person moving into a display window evolves an addiction to entertain people he doesn’t know on the outside, to get their likes.
Directed by Lina Engborg (Sweden)


A short film about a girl in her late teens and her experience being sexually assaulted at a college party. A child named Paige tries to save her from committing suicide.
Directed by Miranda Jean Larson and Michael Cicchetti (USA)


A troubled young man is confronted with the long-term effects of sexual abuse and learns that his abuser has a new victim.
Directed by Michael R. Helgens (USA)

Hold Hands Or Hide

Adam and Stuart are attacked in the streets in an LGBT+ related hate crime. They are both left with physical scars but how will they cope with the emotional ones?
Directed by Simon Wegrzyn (UK)