Blown Away (Enchufados)

What would you do to get a job? The staff at Blown Away take their work very seriously. Yet, if there’s a promotion, things can be dangerous…
Directed by Sadie Duarte (Spain)

Oh My God

Hugo, the worst god in a “God Company” gets a case from Ron that he wants to be killed by the one he hates most.
Directed by Yyuqing Zhang (USA)

Stop / Eject / Rewind

An off-kilter young man constructs a time machine to impress his female coworker with the intention of taking her to the future.
Directed by Elliott de Neve (USA)


A heartbroken man travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship.
Directed by Chad Eric Smith (USA)

Constant State of Flux

Two homeless young adults get rescued by an apparent good Samaritan. But when the said Samaritan offers them salvation via working in his criminal business, the two must make a choice as to whether or not to join in his ranks or forgo it for the sake of what is right but risk an uncertain future as a result.
Directed by Travis M. Baker (USA)

Whoever You Are…

A man who feels isolated and has lost all hope, stands on Waterloo Bridge, contemplating his fate. A stranger seeks to intervene. She can’t stop him but she can’t walk away.
Directed by Annette Westwood (UK)


A couple is going through a difficult period. Still, they recall their minds fragments of their happiness. To revive their relationship they decide to go back where their love blossomed and decide to give it a try in a last desperate attempt. Will they find their lost love or will it be the end?
Directed by Raffaello Sasson (Italy)

Divine Beauty

Short docudrama based on the Passion according to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and the Catholic visionary Barnabas Nwoye.
Directed by Marcelle Abela (Malta)

After The Storm 2

As a multi-title pageant holder, Ava ST. Pierre learned how to achieve her best on stage with focus, vigor, poise and exquisite beauty. As a star athlete from age of eleven, Ava learned how to optimize the power of physical strength and mental endurance.
But for this gifted woman, life was rarely easy; for most of her childhood, she lived out a secret nightmare.
Directed by Ava ST. Pierre and Sheree’ Cogburn (USA)

Little Trees

Owen and Vivian feel trapped. Their parents are in a constant state of hostility towards one another and their relationship is growing worse by the day. After a vicious fight between their mother and father, Owen and Vivian chose to run away. Owen drives them to a remote location in the woods of central Pennsylvania where the siblings attempt to begin a new life without their insufferable parents.
Directed by Max Kane (USA)