The Masked Flowers

A family of flowers becomes segregated from one another after a goblin casts a spell on their land. After realizing the grass is not greener on the other side, one flower proves that it truly wants to be itself. What will happen when this flower refuses to live the norm?
DIrected by Natalie Crema (Canada)


Jared thinks he’s surprising his girlfriend with a gift, but he ends up the one with a surprise, his girlfriend also has a girlfriend!
Directed by Ethan Crenshaw (USA)


An unexpected phone call breaks an old man ‘s quiet life.
Directed by Sharareh Aris (Iran)

The Projectionist

Movie Projectionist who is a frustrated actor sees himself in classic films. He eventually gets his wish and ends up in film, “Twilight Zone” style.
Directed by Greg Pursino (USA)

The Perfect Fit

A determined young actress gets the opportunity to audition for the role that her mother originated on Broadway. When tensions arise between the two, the girl must decide whether to play by her mother’s rules or her own.
Directed by Emory Parker (USA)

Pulled into Focus

When you meet that someone, the one person that can you didn’t know you were looking for. Before they came life just felt you were under water but didn’t even know it at the time. One person can change everything, they can pull your life back into focus.
Directed by Nathan Benham (UK)

Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ

A short documentary featuring Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro and when his love for graffiti was rekindled at the legendary 5Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City, New York. Louie reminisces about what 5Pointz means to him and to the wider graffiti art world.
Directed by Eirini Alligiannis (Australia)


Growing from a young girl, who just loves drawing, to an accomplished artist striving for perfection, “Detour” explores how a tattoo artist discovered her calling in life after having faced rejection, self-doubt, and personal failure.
Directed by Nicolai Brix (Denmark)

Jeu de Scène

Self-mockery of an unknown classical composer in the 21st Century.
Directed by Joe Hoster, Edouard Lichtenauer, David Morand-Katsouli (AD), and Marc Wyler (AD) (Switzerland)