A Princess Quest

In this comedy misadventure, princess and protector merrily make their way to safety after the death of the Queen but are attacked by a bandit.
Directed by Stephonika W Kaye (USA)


Dakota Nieves and Indiana Baker explore their experiences growing up as transgender high school students in New York City. We wanted their stories to be told through their own voices in the hopes that it would encourage others to look beyond appearances and go beyond their own assumptions.
Directed by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin (USA)


This conceptual film was inspired by a love of the ‘Alien’ franchise and the work of H.R Giger.
Directed by Stuart T Birchall (UK)

Wind Riders

A documentary tells the untold stories of three American balloonists who have dedicated their lives to their sport – a masterful hot-air balloon pilot, and a championship team in gas balloon racing as they defend their world title.
Directed by Emi Katayama (USA)


Disclosure tells a story of child sexual abuse and the investigation that ensues between the female investigator & the father accused of raping his son.
Directed by T.J. Penton (USA)

The King’s Guitar

A diner, a forgotten wallet, and a rare guitar lead Don to a crisis of conscience. Should he do what’s right, or what’s profitable?
Directed by Stephen P. Sherwood (USA)


Anderson McCarthy, a young law-school graduate, walks two small-town detectives through his life-threatening turn of events while visiting his Uncle Billy for the very first time.
Directed by Rocky Ramsey (USA)