A Chinese girl finds her special piece of cultural heritage at her mother’s funeral.
Directed by Mulan Fu (USA)


A three-eyed boy takes a lost young ghost on a celestial journey on their way to heaven.
Directed by Mulan Fu (USA)

It’s All in You

“It’s All in You” follows a teenage girl named Shanaya who towards the beginning of the film goes about her day lacking confidence and being entrapped by her social awkwardness and how that negatively affects her and her environment.
Directed by Anchal Raghuvanshi (USA)

Existence: Age of Discovery

Vivian roams the desert in search of religious artifacts, hoping they can provide answers about her world. Once she discovers the truth from her creator, she is set on a path to reconnect with a lost love.
Directed by Jordan L. Riley (USA)

Word Impact

Hurricanes, droughts and flooding are weather and climate hazards. These events carry great forces, and potential for devastating outcomes. Preparedness, embodied by the field of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), can reduce the risk to horrific outcomes. Unfortunately, too many times DRR programming plays second fiddle to hazard management through response and recovery. This is objectionable when community, homes, jobs and loved ones are at stake.


Holly, an anxiety-ridden high school sophomore, is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation.
Directed by Danielle Kampf (USA)


“Molasses” is a story of love, Black identity, and growth. This film of pursuit feels rich and nostalgic, like an R&B mixtape. “Molasses” is slow jam for our generation.
Directed by Micah Ariel Watson (USA)

40th & State

In the wake of the brutal 1955 lynching of Emmett Till, an entire church is left to grieve. What happens when mourning becomes political and fighting becomes spiritual? “40th & State” is an experimental requiem for lost Black life and exploration of the Pentecostal church.
Directed by Micah Ariel Watson (USA)