Super Cut Free Way

“Super Cut Free Way” is a silent film made with an iPhone 5c and a combination of several creative video apps. It’s ethical and political aim is to think about a new kind of digital primitivism in cinema where technological determinations and limitations are faced as an expansion of imaginative possibilities. The flux of images, made during a two year period, follows a free poetic order documenting the medium’s experimental specificity.
Directed by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Pillow Talk

“Pillow Talk” is a web series about the quirks of monogamy and the complexities of human intimacy.
Created by Ezra Ani and Micah Smith (Israel)

Non-Hitchcockian​ Bathroom

This film is a conceptional conversion of  Hitchcock’s film. In fact, this is not Hitchcock’s film anymore. The audience face with a new experience of the bathroom sequence of “Psycho” with a new reading. The scene has been “de-horrified” by means of slow-motion technique and expanding the pictures during 15 minutes. It also makes new concepts of communication.
Directed by Saeed Nejati (Iran)


A skiers reflection from a melting reality. We follow Bodhis monologue towards enlightenment between the cityscapes and grand mountains. When finally coming to the conclusion that what is needed is an open mind, a belief and understanding in more than the actual.
Directed by Victor Dunerman Daggberg (Sweden)

Sleigh My Name

Written entirely in rhyme like a Christmas carol and played for laughs and entertainment, “Sleigh My Name” is a comic mash-up between a Christmas movie and “Breaking Bad”, full of inventive ideas and irreverent humor. But not exactly fun for the whole family, younger views be warned.
Directed by David Ince (UK)


In this comedy, Tyler is overwhelmed by the pressure of his hypochondriac mother with the desire for him to find a girlfriend and have a baby. He goes out on a mission to find a relationship at a speed dating event but an unlikely person may be the prize.
Directed by Ty Cooper (USA)

Dawg Gone Day

A socially-awkward, self-professed gamer/geek, sets off for some serious r&r in nature – by booking a scenic, hilltop Airbnb. But his plans for fun in the sun quickly head south… after one of the homeowner’s uber pampered poodles goes missing.
Written by Jean Buschmann (USA)


A late-night at the laundromat turns deadly for a mother and her daughter.
Directed by Joe Jennings Jr. (USA)

Mon Coeur Greenland

Seven friends, best yacht crew, ingenious sea chef, own cozy sailboat, warmth, and joy inside, chilly arctic summer outside, relaxed hiking, sailing all days and nights long, gigantic bizarre Icebergs.
Directed by Andrii Andreiev and Olga Andreieva (Ukraine)

Partying with Communists

After being blacklisted by movie mogul, Richard Berns, actress Daphne Dayes reclaims her stardom with the help of Bellmont Studio’s overlooked minority actors.
Directed by Vincent Blake (USA)