The Bed-Dream of Dellingr

One man, one bed, one flat, one day, 12 streets of Arc de Triomphe, 12 hours for a daydream. This Sisyphus-tragedy revolves around multiple psychological dreams, about a self-abandoned man who had a biological clock reversed and lost his diurnal life.
Directed by Chu Jing Zhang (China)

Track 7

“Track 7” is a horror fantasy short film about a music track which has dark magic.
Directed by Andrea Tiatto (Malta)


When a vegan gets turned into a zombie, she finds herself in a world where her deeply ingrained lifestyle conflicts with the new-found need to eat flesh to survive.
Directed by CJ Barnes (Australia)


Imagine an America where ‘Black privilege’ is a real phenomenon and White mothers pray daily that their children make it home alive… Ask yourself, would ‘All Lives Matter’ then?…
Directed by Lawrence Watford (USA)

Where I’m Left

This is a short film dealing with suicide and how it affects the loved ones left behind still searching for answers. How you can love someone so much, but sometimes everything isn’t always enough to save someone.
Written by Annaliese von der Burg (USA)

The 4th Floor

Having lost his mother, a young man changed his house on a psychiatrist’s advice and with the help of his friends. After a while, he found that his neighbors were a mother and son whose name is the same as his. He heard the neighbor lady’s voice talking to his son and couldn’t put up with this situation at first but, then, he decided to role play and respond to her. The friends of the young man started to get worried about him on seeing his behaviors.
Directed by Pedram Ganji (Iran)


There was the last day of the action movie shooting. The film crew is set to finish the last scene with a trick and go home. Suddenly it was found out that stuntman refuses to perform the trick – jump through fire.
Directed by Mariya Yevtushenko (Ukraine)


8 or infinity? Life or love? What should you choose?
Directed by Andrew Vandaele (Netherlands)