Kate Allen Is Getting a Life

Kate Allen (20s) is an aspiring young novelist who’s failing in all aspects of her life. Her novel, ‘Death Metropolitan Style’, has been rejected by a series of publishing companies. Sharing an apartment with her gay roommate Joe (20s), Kate can barely pay her rent which has just been raised – again. Kate seeks help from her wealthy parents, Harold and Lily Allen (50s), who insist that it’s time for Kate to take charge of her life.
Directed by Linda Stuart (USA)

How We Roll: The Last Milers

‘Last mile’ has been used to describe the difficulty in getting people from transportation hubs like railway stations, bus depots, and ferry slips, to their final destination. Three colorful Bostonians offer their solutions to the ‘last mile’ commuter challenge. Employing spirited footage, stimulating interviews and person-on-the-street reactions, they spur us to rethink urban transportation. They examine pros, cons and the possible future of using their favorite vehicles. They explore the benefits and consequences of urban growth and increasing traffic. The film encourages audiences to think about how they can make their cities and towns a better place.
While pondering alternative modes of transport on the horizon, viewers may ask: Are these ‘last milers’ insightful visionaries, wicked agitators or exciting daredevils?
“How We Roll: The Last Milers” is a film with consciousness and meaning, in an enjoyable package.
Directed by Maryanne Galvin (USA)

The House That Mary Built

60-year-old Mary Foster loves her home. She is left with the upkeep when her husband Frank Foster dies of natural causes leaving her a widow.  Things take a wrong turn when an unknown drifter named Sandra Gates tricks her into signing over the deed forcing her out on the street. What Sandra doesn’t know is that the house harbors many dark secrets. In this horror – suspense thriller Sandra will learn that not every house is a home.
Written by Kathryn Scurry (USA)

The Caterer’s Reckoning

When you have what you think is a singing hangover, you can be slow on the uptake. Just as Richard and Janice discover a dead body behind the sofa, the caterer arrives to collect the hired tables after the previous night’s party. Trying to keep the corpse a secret from the caterer and his strange little helpers become increasingly difficult until the pennies drop.
Directed by Jonah Jones (UK)

The Fog

“The Fog” is a story about a woman which job is washing dead body’s. She does not wash any dead body after her kid death. Now, she confronts a dead body of a kid for wash…
Directed by Ali Shoorvarzi and Hoseyn Mahroughi (Iran)

Song of Hands

“Song of Hands” is the story narrated by a kid (hiwa) who is fascinated by music, and accompany other children in this passion. But under the pressure of the traditional and religious environment his father breaks his musical instrument, Hiwa is hugging the pieces of the instrument and…
Directed by Hamze Zarei (Iran)

Good Pu$$y

When 36 years old Brock Kole, a single, wealthy millionaire hooks up with an escort Madi Malone while celebrating a successful business venture he gets more than he bargained for. His one night of entertainment becomes an obsession that sends his life spiraling out of control. Madi was just looking for a good time but Brock had other plans. In this suspense thriller, Madi will soon learn that “All money ain’t good money”.
Written by Kathryn Lisa Scurry (USA)

The Hunt

Two fishermen trying to survive in the middle of the sea after a rubbery…
Directed by Masoud Kazerouni (Iran)

Dearly Departed

Vera’s relationship with Fred is beginning to blossom but she can’t help feeling distracted by the presence of the three very opinionated ghosts who also inhabit her house. Through the expression of song, Vera and the ghost’s learn to deal with the highs and lows of a modern relationship. However, when Fred begins to further their relationship, Vera is left with a life-changing decision.
Directed by Elise Martin (UK)


From leaving a home to leaving behind a homeland, abandoning a life, separation from a place, a culture, a history. From the viewpoint of the East, this theme has always been accompanied with sorrow and intertwined with Iran’s ancient literature; home, the epitome of safety and shelter has always had a close connection with woman and motherland.
Directed by Shahab Ghafari and Mina Hoseinabadi (Iran)