Bully Proof Vest

“Bully Proof Vest” is about a young girl, who overcomes bullying through life lessons and a “Bully Proof Vest”. Her “Bully Proof Vest” gives her inner super powers.
Directed by Alexander McDaniel (USA)


 “1619” is about a Dad educating his 11 year old son regarding the African Diaspora and 2019 Welcome Home Celebrations happening in Africa, since 400 years ago Africans were stolen from their motherland.
Directed by Alexander McDaniel (USA)


At death’s door and ready for his final voyage, old Ben is visited by Paco, the imaginary friend he grew out of long ago. Ben cannot see nor hear him anymore, but the boy won’t give up and will follow his old buddy till the end of the road – to mysterious islands or fantastic worlds? – where it leads matters not.
Directed by Thomas Bernos (USA)

The Last Sound

When the word, “cancer” hits the household, Jennifer and others must find out how to deal with such a difficult situation. 
Directed by Gregg DaCosta (USA)

Manifest (The Artist)

As Kate paints her dream home, room by room— page by page in art class, her reality begins to shift. Kate’s therapist praises her art and encourages her aspirations of becoming a famous artist and someday teaching art herself. One day, Kate returns to her humble cottage to find the key fitting into a new front door — her dream home!
Written by Mila Johansen (USA)

The Gauntlet

After being erased from the face of the Earth when the villain Thanos snapped his fingers a man returns five years later with a new purpose.
Directed by David M. Wallace (USA)

Print Beat

A University student struggles to enter the competitive world of literary publishing. She results to darker means to get ahead, and succeed.
Directed by Valeria Marcon and Lukas Olson (USA)

American Parousia

An arrogant actor sick of rejection decides to stage miracles in order to fool the world and make them believe he is, in fact, Jesus Christ.
Directed by Guillermo “Memo” Noriega (USA)

Night Tales

Petey just left his girlfriend and Will probably has a drug problem. They head into the city for a night out and question if they are, in fact, good guys.
Directed by Randy Rubin (USA)

Irrelephant: Wookie the Huge

Question of the modern society dictated by technology and social media.

We follow a 21. century alpha male situated in his comfort zone, being controlled by mass media, corporations and money, while there are other more important happenings in the outter world. By having an opportunity to change things, the main character only takes care for himself, which leads him to the final conclusion. World is full of human junk, but there will always be a hope to change it and make it relevant.
Directed by Mark Pirc (Slovenia)