Celestial Misconduct

“Celestial Misconduct” is a pulpy adventure that follows Doctor Donovan Mulray as he seeks out an Extraterrestrial that he believes is hiding in plain sight. Quirky fun ensues when he meets two young women that claim to have been abducted by a man matching the alien’s description.
Directed by Kevin Bible (USA)

Go Getters

“Go Getters” dives into the lives of a power couple, who learn to deal with the success and struggles of their new jobs in the nation’s capital.
Directed by Kerry R. King (USA)

The Devil You Know

An American Western set in the Rocky Mountains, the story focuses on two best friends separated by half a decade of betrayal, hunting and finally, confrontation. Over a dying campfire, two men meet at last- and for the last.
Directed by Kevin Barnett (UK)

House of Redemption: Hear Me

Everyone is hiding something… 
Redemption is a choice… 
Except in this house.

This whisks us to a place where all actions have consequences. In this first episode we’re thrust inside the mind of a young woman forced to face her own truth while staying at an Airbnb with her friend. 
Directed by Tammy Klembith (USA)

In God’s Image

When a strict academy enforces its dress codes, Rory can’t help but feel targeted by the apparent sexist rules. However, she soon discovers that she isn’t alone in her feelings towards the school and must somehow find a way to take a stand for her fellow female peers.
Directed by Madison Bishop (USA)

We La Gente

America faces a crisis, with a political environment that demonizes Hispanic and Latino immigrants. This film takes a positive, emotional look at real Hispanic and Latino stories… putting a face to the diversity that adds to the fabric of America. 
Directed by John X. Carey (USA)

Just a Plastic Bottle

“Just a Plastic Bottle” was conceived in Koh Phangan, Thailand, after seeing, and getting, a plastic bottle that was floating in the ocean. The tourist chose to channel her angry thoughts on plastic pollution into a poem. The short film “Just a Plastic Bottle” is based on that poem and reflects the inner turmoil of a depressed patient, and mother, dealing with the realities of plastic and her emotions as a consequence.
Directed by Marcia Thompson (UK)

Shallow Grave

A father’s deal with the mob to save his son takes a dark turn when he is forced to choose between his son’s life and his morals after the arrangement forces him to cover up the murder of an innocent child.
Directed by Tang (USA)

Clarity and Chaos

Set in a dystopian society where individuals are forced to go around wearing labels indicating their sexuality and gender. When the government removes ‘Asexual’ from the pool of available option, Penelope, is forced to enroll in a sexual deviancy hospital where, at the end of the treatment, she will be required to select a new label. Throughout her journey, Penelope will see/feel things and meet people that will inform her final decision of refusing to select a label for herself.
Directed by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa (UK)