Independent Shorts Awards


A troubled 12-year-old skateboarder must overcome his biggest fears on and off the board — all with the help of his loyal skate crew The Businessmen.
Directed by Aaron Legg (USA)

Singled Out

“Singled Out” follows Ellie, a culturally savvy, eternally single college student. Her three roommates, however, are in relationships — and they never let her forget it.
Directed by Danielle Yacobson, Dylan Hancook, Jesse Aaronson and Gabriel Frieberg (USA)

Dawg Grooming

“Dawg Grooming” is a film about what happens when people drink too much and hook up in bars without considering the consequences of their actions.
Directed by Nathan Bradford (USA)

One Too Many

A couple of friends come home to find that someone has been murdered. With no signs of entry, the killer is still among them.
Directed by Chani Louise (USA)

The Breath Holder

When Güray holds his breath, he realizes the true intentions of the person who is speaking and the facts behind the words.
Directed by Emin Murat Kılıç (Turkey)


Poetic short about the beauty of the Earth and space as captured from the International Space Station.
Directed by Marcelle Abela (Malta)

Food To Ate

This is a video for the song “Food To Ate” off the upcoming album release “The Broke Leg EP.” The EP and the video were made while recovering from a broken leg. This track is old school nursery rhymes with a little modern twist. Featuring Michael “Baba” Raudenbush.
Directed by Randy J. Huling (USA)


While four buddies are hanging out in one of their houses, Kaan mentions a digital drug called “I,Doser.” They watch videos of people who have tried it but it doesn’t look secure to them. None of the boys dare to try it. They decide to play a game and incidents occur.
Directed by Emre Yapici (Turkey)

The Noise of the Light

Pablo and Marius make a disturbing discovery about their childhood friend Lou: she appears to be able to synthesize into sound the light she is exposed to. But as she soon becomes an instrument of their musical experiences, her gift turns into a sort of curse…
Directed by Valentin Petit (France)