Independent Shorts Awards

The Call of Madness

Late for school two siblings decide to take a secret route through the forest, rather than leading to the school the path leads to madness.
Directed by Xaiver Mikell (USA)

With a Side of Fries

When Clarence and his wannabe rapper/producer cousin Dante Wess collaborate on making the next big hit single, Clarence must overcome a strange addiction in order to find redemption and prove his worth.
Directed by Justin Feinman (USA)

Raggity Anns

Three women go through independent relationship struggles of their own while trying to remain true to their friendships to one another.
Directed by Rachel Neal (USA)

Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers

Today, Françoise is spying on her husband Robert, who she suspects of cheating on her. The hairdresser is right to trust her instinct… She spots Robert stepping inside a gay sex club with a young man, as handsome as he is mysterious.
Françoise is furious but she has no idea how weird and horrific this day is about to get!
Directed by Philippe Solange (France)


On a hot summer night in Paris, Lou, 26, is throwing a party at her place. As the time goes by, she appears to be at a crossroad in her life, slowly realizing she is not personally fulfilled as she thought she was. A chapter will close that night, leaving room for a brand new start.
Directed by Leila Lamblin and Charly Destombes (France)

Valley Angel

Witness the life of a Retired Army cadet with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in this short silent film.
Directed by Duane Dsouza (India)

Good Cop Black Cop

An interrogation goes awry as one cop (Quincy Johnson II) contemplates what life is like as a black cop. Also starring Darren Gendron (Good Cop), Ashley Karp (Perp), and Magdalynne Sager (Sergeant).
Directed by Ashley Karp and Alejandro Etcheagaray (USA)

Orpington Poulet

When a farmer sees his beloved chicken has stopped laying, he is presented with heartbreak and the loss of a friend.
Directed by Max Zabell (USA)

Chicago HR

Chicago HR follows the day-to-day life of Langston and Woods, the world’s two most excitable and exciting HR reps at a Chicago accounting firm. Langston and Woods take their jobs very seriously – a little too seriously for their boss Terrance “Chief” Kofi. But since Langston and Woods came in, office shenanigans have declined sharply. They will do whatever it takes to keep the people of Fey and Farley accounting safe-even if it means taking the law into their own hands.
Directed by Kara Haller, Adam Smestad, Gavin O’Herlihy, Daniel T. Moore, Amy Jackson, Shane Dedmond and Matt Stell (USA)