Independent Shorts Awards

The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

After NOAA research scientists attach a satellite transmitter on to the critically endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle discovered feeding on the giant jellyfish in the nutrient-rich waters of Monterey Bay, California, they uncover an unprecedented epic 7,000-mile migration across the Pacific to the leatherback’s remote nesting beaches in Indonesia. This discovery has lead to one of the greatest conservation challenges in the Western Pacific today–the protection of the Pacific leatherback’s last remaining nesting beach, sustainable fishing practices, and the reduction of plastics in the ocean. As the film reveals the international scientific research and conservation efforts currently underway, this awe-inspiring and unique short nature film exposes the seldom seen beauty and natural history of the leatherback sea turtle, which became the official state marine reptile of California in 2016. Viewers also learn some simple tips as to how they can help this magnificent ancient creature survive in its modern world.
Directed by John Dutton (USA)

June’s Baby Shower

What’s supposed to be the happiest day of 28-year-old June Marie Evans life turns into a nightmare when a mysterious woman shows up and crashes the party. As the event progresses she will learn more about the man she loves than she ever did before. In this riveting short film of deceit, lust, lies, two women, one man and a secret life June will learn the true meaning of “When it rains it pours”.
Written by Kathryn Lisa Scurry (USA)


At the moment Louise is about to say something to her husband, their discussion is disturbed and Charles leaves the table. When he returns back Louise disappeared.
Directed by Svetlana Trebulle (France)

True Center

The road to recovery is an ‘…intricate, sacred journey.’ Follow Meaghan on her journey as she turns her trials into triumphs, and begins to live her life through inspirations, art & affirmations.
Directed by Ashley Karp (USA)

The Valley

In an unknown ancient era, on an imaginary land, two opposite armies on conquest come up against each other. But there is a deep valley separating them.
Directed by Can Erkan and Salih Toprak (Turkey)


Claus, an aging world-renowned performer, is now performing for limited audiences with Anna, his assistant and lover. While struggling to stay relevant, he is performing the underground circuit with Dell, a young up and coming puppeteer. However, unlike his act, Claus may find that he is not in full control over his future, based on the deals he has made in the past, and the intentions fellow performers have for the future.
Directed by Jerry Kellie (USA)


An award-winning drama about an Angel’s descent from Heaven to Brooklyn looking too clear the air, bridging a Gap fining common ground addressing an important key of life between Law Enforcement and Minorities…
Directed by Marcellus Cox (USA)

Blue Diamonds

A group of friends dealing with erectile dysfunction decides to resort back to their thieving ways to solve their problem and make some extra money in the process.
Directed by Patrick House (USA)