Independent Shorts Awards

Four Keys

Faced with possible separation from her daughter, Rosa decides to give up the life that she has built for them in the US and self-deport to Canada. Since January 2017, roughly 25,000 undocumented immigrants have crossed into Canada seeking asylum from arrest and deportation in America.
Directed by Israel Brooks (USA)

Last Light

On her way home, Dawn gets lost after a mysterious blast of light, leaves her to face the unthinkable.
Directed by Shari Hamrick (USA)


“Honey” is a short film about a Riley, a young girl obsessed with insects, who unable to accept the death of her mother decides to preserve her in a bathtub of honey.
Directed by Adam Robinson (UK)

Skin in the Game

When a young entrepreneur’s incredible success in the music industry is interrupted by the financial crisis, things may not have ever been as they seemed. At a time when America needs its job creators more than ever, can the guy get off the street and back on his feet in time to save generation unemployed?
Directed by Kurt Kubicek (USA)


Richard’s dreams are haunted by visions of his deceased little brother. He tries to use Lucid Dreaming to get closer, but as he does, he realizes that a sinister imposter awaits his slumber, leeching off every anguished memory. Soon, his waking life and dreams become blurred into one inescapable nightmare.
Directed by Jack Barrie (UK)

The Newcomers

In the not too distant future, an alien race has come to our planet with the intention of helping us create a utopia. But change is not easy, and sacrifices will have to be made. What would you be willing to do to save the species?
Written by Joe Wakefield (USA)

The Handler

Jonathan Doge, known as Dog, is a Vietnam Vet MWD Handler and retired K9 Sheriff with a guilty secret. He returns to his hometown after ten years only to sniff-out an underground crime ring. When he pokes his snout in their show business, they try to put him down. He recovers in secret until he is once again who he was trained to be. Redemption through revenge for all the right reasons.
Directed by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

One Last Time

When Jessie decides to get help from Euthanasia due to her incurable cancer, she wants her family’s full support. She invites family and her closest friends to a last big dinner where her plan is to pay tribute to life. But instead of support, she meets sad and angry people whom she has to explain herself for.
Directed by Alexander Lönn (Sweden)