Independent Shorts Awards

You Feel Me?

A disability attorney begins turning into her clients after a witch puts a hex on her.
Directed by Laura P. Valtorta (USA)

Her Path

Studio Samuel students created a short film which tells the story of challenges faced along #HerPath when born into poverty.
Directed by Ahmad Asaad and Tamara Horton (USA)

Angels, They Say

This three-minute, stop-motion animation, uses handmade drawings and cut paper to create an enigmatic world, inhabited by the familiar and the extraordinary. Interweaving voices recite excerpts from Rainer Maria Rilke’s “First Duino Elegy”, a wistful accompaniment to a lyrical meditation on mortality.
Directed by Miriam Hitchcock (USA)


A wife loses her husband in a horrific crash. Normally people don’t come back from the dead…except as ghosts. This is different because of ‘The Programme’. One day there is a knock on the door.
Written by Neil O’Neil (UK)

The Haunting of Katherine Brohm

Set at the end of 1945, “The Haunting of Katherine Brohm”, starring Katherine Bouchard, is a Hitchcockian/Film Noir style film about a wife, who while waiting for her husband to come home from World War II, finds companionship with another man. Her soldier husband, (Joey Dubb), already knows…
Directed by Anne Paquette (USA)

The Grey Area

Strange events unfold in the City by the Bay when Assistant District Attorney Ariel Price encounters a disturbingly angelic murder defendant who seems to know everything about her.
Directed by Seth Ashby (USA)