Independent Shorts Awards

The Bracelet

On Sunrise day, a young woman will have to put her differences with her younger sister aside to protect her from Elide Corporation after she broke her bracelet ID after entering in a restricted area…
Directed by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)

Last Stop

A psychic man enters a shop where he must prove to the young paranoid cashier that he is not dangerous to buy some gloves to protect himself from having visions.
Directed by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)

Silverlake Afternoon

Michael is 33 and he’s never been with a guy. His first encounter is going to be awkward… and also kinda great.
Directed by Rebecca Holopter and Michael Osborne (USA)

The Visitor From the Other Side

Hayden Prosper lives the good life, but all that changes upon a strange discovery that leads to a visit from a mysterious man who lives a life unlike yet parallel to her own…
Directed by DJ Carnegie (Canada)

Poem 1984

This short is a poetic adaptation of the play “1984 “adapted by Andrew White, that was adapted from George Orwell’s “1984”. The TU theater department created the show, the 4th production ever made in the US using some of the footage and images to thread a story together.
Directed by Lisandro Boccacci and Laura Skotch (USA)

Merv Nickleman Beneath The Lyrics

Featuring Irish American international poet, writer and philosopher, Merv Nickleman. Intimate footage captured during his Bright Eyed Tour, Summer 2017 to Dublin, Ireland, gives insights into his complex, eclectic and charismatic character.
Directed by Aleksandra Dimoska (Ireland)

Chemistry 101

When a shy student musters up the courage to ask out his chemistry classmate, his plan goes awry after his love letter lands on the wrong student’s desk.
Directed by Mike Reft (USA)

You’re Dead, America

“You’re Dead America” is a poetic short film, which explores the trepidatious narrative of American psyche today. Starkly displaying themes of decay, loss, and cessation through a series of metaphorical vignettes & archival footage, life can also be found in the film’s delicate and nuanced beauty.

The Serpent in the Apple

A documentary-style short about a group of hopeful, would-be filmmakers as they follow an unlikely protagonist who will change the course of their lives forever.
Directed by Nathan Luttrull (USA)