Independent Shorts Awards


A stoic mother, a troublesome son, and a big fat elephant all under one roof is bound to explode in this 10-minute melodrama.
Directed by Alexsa Tolentino (USA)


Short film adapted from the graphic novel “Tout Seul” by Christophe Chabouté.
Directed by Antoine Laurens (France)

(in here) I Am God

In a remote war bunker, a ruthless general exerts his will on a dedicated woman and an ambitious soldier.
This beautiful, devastating drama was inspired by writer, producer Nima Forghani’s experience growing up in 1980’s Iran; a country shattered by the Islamic revolution and war with Iraq.
Directed by Joseph Seuferling (USA)


A group of friends, Victoria, Catherine, and Alina, deal with various sexual assault within their daily lives from catcalling to sexual harassment. Then a night out with friends ends in turmoil while one of them is left to deal with the continuation of predatory behavior.
Directed by William Saint Crow (USA)


There is nothing more exciting than going to work with Dad. Dana is eight, her mother is in hospital, and the night has come when no one else is free to babysit. Her father is on night shift and so there is no other option: they have to go to work together. But her father has a very different job.
Directed by Lorand Banner Szucs (Hungary)

There’s No Last Chance

Larry is wanted for serious deadly crimes. While staying at the hotel and listening to the radio, a radio talk-show host did a special report that a suspect (Larry) is now staying at the hotel where he’s at now, after one of the hotel lobbyists call the police. Now, the police know where he is. And Larry is now getting ready to face the police. But, will he face them or not?
Directed by G. Robert Daily (USA)

Tang An

In Tang An, China, a group of Dong minority has lived over there for a very long time. They have special conventions in important days that are different from Han ethnic group.
Directed by Zihao Chen (USA)

To Catch Smoke

There was a buffalo had been tortured by its master for a time. To protect it, a little boy stole it out and took care of it in the wild alone.
Directed by Sun Shuai (China)

The Sorting Room

In the future, world peace has been achieved. The only downside is the global population has grown beyond sustainable resources. To help control this, the government has instated the annual Sort, an event geared towards providing male members of society a chance to sacrifice their lives in an effort to help save the rest of humanity. Two men enter a room and have to come to a unanimous decision as to which of them should live. Who will walk out of this room today?
Directed by Ben Stahl (USA)