Independent Shorts Awards

Last Call

Forgiveness comes at a price: a married couple struggles to come to terms with the recent tragic death of their six-year-old daughter. The young man responsible walks free from the court but returns home only to find his dysfunctional family adding to his mental condition.
Directed by Harrington Day (UK)

Voodoo Vanessa

“Voodoo Vanessa” is a new web-series created from the mind of Caribbean Born Sonalii Castillo. Full of dark humor and surprises, we will be taken on a fun ride with this funny and out of this world character.
Directed by Sonalii Castillo (USA)

Real Love

“Real Love” takes place in Dec 1991, one month after Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement. Breon has just found out his girlfriend has HIV, he tells his brother, and his brother reacts to the news.
Directed by Robert L Butler Jr (USA)


Danny has taken a vow of silence after breaking up with his eccentric girlfriend, Electra. Led by his best friend Virgil and a mysterious man in a park with superhero wisdom, Danny fights to overcome his depression.
Directed by Luke Rocheleau (USA)

Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary

“Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary” starring singer/songwriter Sarah Smith and film director Stacy Poulos. This mashup behind-the-scenes documentary is a story of two small-town women, one a Canadian pop-rock star, the other an award-winning Californian filmmaker. Armed with a crew of five, they reached international recognition and wound up sharing a first-run movie marquee with a major feature film. This is the first feature short film created with ‘selfie videos.’ Music, television and film enthusiasts will enjoy following the journey of this award-winning music video as it comes to fruition.
Directed by Stacy Poulos (USA)

Into The Light: Sarah Smith

Take an inspiring journey with Sarah Smith, best adult contemporary artist, as she belts out a heartfelt riveting performance from reflection to healing.
Directed by Stacy Poulos (USA)


A young girl gets taken into quarantine and gets more than what she bargained for.
Directed by Rosemberg Mercado (USA)


After being left for dead at the hands of her brother, a rogue assassin goes after his most trusted employee, ‘The Gatekeeper’, to stake information and leave his empire in ruins.
Directed by Sam Puefua (USA)

The Liquid Ladies

Rendered with a fifties avant-garde sensibility, The Ladies model, move, and transform, all to minimalist hand-made percussion.
Directed by Kathy Rose (USA)

The Wolves

Like wolves, souls travel in packs. From world to world, life to life, they reincarnate, assuming different roles within the pack.
Written by Shytei Corellian (USA)