Independent Shorts Awards


Two artists in different stages of life and success deal with the effects of love, ego and loss in modern-day LA.
Directed by Joy Shi (USA)

The Remnant

As a young family moves into their first home, something from its past still remains.
Written by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)

The Seeker

A young girl struggles between helping her family, and doing the right thing.
Written by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)

Into the Dark

Sometime in the future, two men strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth. Real Justice. Just Reality.
Directed by Lukas Hassel (USA)

Rat Trap

After months of loyal service, Lowery wakes up in the boot of a car accused by his drug-dealing boss of being an undercover cop. Lowery must do all that he can to convince him otherwise before they reach their destination, the infamous Butcher Shop.
Directed by Andrew Yeremeyev (Australia)


Two sisters return home for their father’s funeral, only to discover hidden relics within a deserted house that explain unknown family secrets.
Directed by Kit Wilson (USA)

Mommy’s Girl

A family drama about a young girl’s struggle to pursue her passion for boxing despite her mom’s doubts. Student Film produced within the University of Southern California.
Directed by Adele Biraghi (USA)


In a vast and unsympathetic universe, a little snail has a good time painting.
Directed by Hunter Silvestri (USA)