Independent Shorts Awards

This Just In!

A mockumentary web series about a local morning show team that truly leaves “breaking news”… well, broken!
Directed by Evan Michael Pinsonnault, Zak Johnson and Ken Gayton (USA)


The man has obviously taken a pick-up artist class, wearing silly hats and making negs. Does he have a shot with the woman across the bar? She doesn’t think so.
Directed by Charlie Brown (USA)


A revenge driven woman tracks down and murders someone she believes to be a serial killer. Then all hell breaks loose.
Directed by Trent Newton (Canada)


Nevzat tries to get some weed from the dodgy neighborhood of Istanbul and faces the reality of ‘survival of the fittest.’ But is he ‘fit’ enough to keep up?
Directed by Firat Demir (Turkey)


In the vein of “Black Mirror” and “The Twilight Zone”, this short film pulled from a collection of anthology stories tackles a heartbroken woman who orders a lifelike android so she can have one last moment with the man she loves. Will she finally find the closure she has been looking for or will a major malfunction change her life forever?
Directed by Chris Vanderhorst (USA)


Two girls make decisions that change the lives of their audience forever.
Directed by Israel Ekanem (Canada)

Tale Of A Man Who Whispered To Flowers

Brian, owner of Brian’s Flowers is a pillar of his community. He is friendly, jovial, great at his job and he loves flowers. Beneath it all, he holds a sinister secret.
Directed by Israel Ekanem and Monica G. Bell (Canada)

Words Left Unsaid

A woman imagines a conversation hinting at marriage that she wishes would have happened before her boyfriend was shipped off to war.
Directed by Jonathan Marshall Thompson (USA)

Stalk His Ass

“Stalk His Ass” is Chapter 2 of a 3-part short film (web) series titled, “Camille: My Life In Chapters”. In the film, a young woman seeks divine intervention as a last resort when she can’t resolve the conflict between her head and heart when it comes to her new relationship.
Directed by Shauntay Cherry (USA)