Independent Shorts Awards


“Acceptables” is a short film that deals with race, religion and immigration issues in a rapidly changing political climate.
Directed by Michele Lyman (USA)

The Pines of Spring

The dreamscapes of a director and her protagonist juxtapose as the life and fate of both women take their toll, merging on and off screen through waves of cinema.
Directed by Ann Huang (USA)

Dark Hunters: The Series

Em Morgan has a lot of things going on in her life, one of them happens to go bump in the night. Partnering up with Alex DeMarcus seems like the sensible thing to do. At least Alex believes her.
Directed by Reno Venturi (USA)

Their War

Two soldiers on opposite sides of World War One must do all they can to survive and get back to the families they left behind.
Directed by Max Mason (UK)

Kiss of the Zombie

After witnessing a horrific truck accident, in Miami, a standout high school basketball player (Terrick), falls in love with (Jenny), a hideous yet beautiful dead zombie girl, to pull himself together, he seeks the advice of a psychic (Madame Wonder), on how-to turn Jenny back to the living, but he does NOT listen to the consequences, ending in disastrous results.
Written by Adam Steinfeld (USA)

Practices From Beyond

Madness, a demon on his first day of job at Beyond Inc., a souls-gathering society nearly bankrupting, is instructed by the Infernal Chairman to do a banal administrative job: collect a soul of an old woman and let her pass away. Will he succeed?
Directed by Francesco Santoro (Italy)

La Style

Varied “looks” and styles filmed in various neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
Directed by Lucinda Luvaas (USA)

Tiny House (Episode 2)

In this second episode of the award-winning comedy “Tiny House”, Lyn’s cranky neighbor Art is annoyed by how quickly the population next door has increased. Lou gets a job with Uber, and Margee discovers she’s pregnant. Lou attempts to be a better husband and father by growing a mustache, and Lyn and Margee have a brief meeting of the minds over some green juice. Ernie and Lou approach Lyn with the idea of selling the family house, and a massive family fallout is averted when Margee arrives with the news that Lou’s beloved cat Marinara has died.
Directed by Owen Williams and Merry Grissom (USA)