Independent Shorts Awards


A dark humoured and expressive character animation about a Father and Daughter coping with the loss of a central family member. 
Whilst grieving in a graveyard, the Daughter is disrupted by a blackbird defecating onto her Mother’s grave. 
A fire of rage lights up inside of her and she sets out to direct it in various violent ways, whilst the Father chooses to shut himself up in an agoraphobic state and ignore everything. 
Can they proceed as a new family, smaller yet stronger?
Directed by Kayleigh Gibbons (UK)

Disco Dynamite

A washed up roller disco champion, who vouched to never put his skates on again, must overcome his fear of the rink to go on a roller skating date with the new girl at work. 
Directed by Tom Clover (UK)


With the help of a curious, charming woman, a meticulous, borderline-deaf man attempts to overcome his obsession with perfecting the imperfect.
Directed by Skyler Brigmann (USA)

Young Black Male

A black teenager grapples with his identity and ultimately finds that society will not afford him the same privilege as his white father.

Will, a black teenager, and Scott, his white single father, have recently moved to a bustling metropolitan area from a small town in the mid-west. Will’s life is forever altered after he is profiled and brutalized by the local police department. We explore the dynamic between him and Scott, leading up to the incident. Will and Scott have different experiences upon relocating; their relationship begins to deteriorate as they struggle to relate to one another.
Directed by Kaelan Laurence (USA)


A mysterious young man (Vincent) gets invited to dinner by his girlfriend’s parents. What the family does not know is that their guest has come to kill them all.
Directed by Andres Jarrin (USA)

Love Sick

Charles puts a hex on his ex girlfriend Dora to try winning her back. The demons have other plans than fixing his love life. 
Directed by Mark Emilio Sciubba (USA)

Mountain Ave

Ryan and Sara, a seemingly normal couple, drive up the long and winding road to their mountain home. But as they return to their once peaceful retreat, tensions rise and they are confronted with the truth. Ryan flips out over a simple lightbulb breaking, Sara rehashes the joy they once cherished, and the memory of their lost child fall into their laps, unearthing the nightmares they tried to shut away.

The maelstrom of nostalgia, grief, regret, joy, and loss forces Ryan and Sara to peel back the layers of their love. With each layer, Ryan has to decide where Sara fits into his changing life. And It leaves the couple with one undying question: “Are you okay?”
Directed by Sean Renzetti (USA)

Survivor Girl

One year ago, Callie Thornton emerged as the sole survivor of a brutal massacre at the hands of a masked madman. Haunted by vivid flashbacks of her friends’ murders, she seeks to quiet the grief and guilt that torment her, and move on with her life via a random hookup with a handsome stranger. But while one nightmare may be coming to an end, a new one is just beginning.
Directed by Laura Russo (USA)