Independent Shorts Awards

Drifter Draft

“Drifter Draft” follows Martin Schrader, a drifting boy that wanders through the woods and the rural parish while his brother keeps a check on his heartbeat by asking Martin to give him the number of each place he ends up.
Directed by Ryan Rivière (USA)


A woman’s robot husband is about to be repossessed unless she can find work.
Directed by Shawn Donovan (USA)

Oh My Dog!

A clumsy airport worker is busy taking out the luggage from a plane. When one of the boxes falls and gets opened by accident, the worker will be startled by what he finds inside… Based on a true story!
Directed by Marco Comandini (Italy)


“Cooper” is a story about a 15-year-old high school basketball player who never gets a fair chance to play due to the politics in the school sports. Will cooper prevail?
Written by Cleveland O. Mcleish and Bettina Horton (USA)

The Boys Room

Suraj is a city boy who comes back to visit his best friend, Sachin, to the village. But he is faced with a problem: going to the toilet out in the open.
Directed by Pearlina Malik (India)

A Bias Tape

The world inside a music box reveals the twisted narrative that replays generation after generation. Barbie and a ventriloquist puppet find themselves trapped within their socially constructed identities and narratives with little hope of escape.
Directed by Lynnette Taylor (USA)

This Just In!

A mockumentary web series about a local morning show team that truly leaves “breaking news”… well, broken!
Directed by Evan Michael Pinsonnault, Zak Johnson and Ken Gayton (USA)


The man has obviously taken a pick-up artist class, wearing silly hats and making negs. Does he have a shot with the woman across the bar? She doesn’t think so.
Directed by Charlie Brown (USA)


A revenge driven woman tracks down and murders someone she believes to be a serial killer. Then all hell breaks loose.
Directed by Trent Newton (Canada)