Independent Shorts Awards

The Colour Red

A film noir following one of the cases of Detective Grayson, as he looks into the murder of multi-millionaire William Schubert.
Directed by Ugrin Vuckovic and Casey Israelson (New Zealand)

Memento Audere Semper

A new fairy tale, a savior, this time not a male one, but a woman. She dare to challenge a bad man to set free the princess that he kept as a salve. This time the battle is not a weapon one, but a dance one. The savior is going to win the battle but most of all, she will show her real porpouse to set free her lover, and be free to bring her away.
Directed by Giulia Lupetti (USA)

Hear Me

Kennedy Blythe is given the opportunity to interview for her dream college. The problem is, she’s mute. Not wanting to pass up her dream, she enlists the help from the most unlikely places.
Directed by Kevin M. Turner (USA)


The official music video for Fay Gauthier’s electro-pop single FADE is a quick-cut, visual celebration of the power of finding one’s voice and using it.
Directed by Jonathan Levit (USA)

Mente Mariposa

An intense visual concept where “Death” shares a point of view about humans life. Through the art of the metaphor and the difficult situation where a young woman and man wakes up inside a wooden box buried alive, and quickly realizes they’re not alone.
Directed by Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins (Mexico)

Alpha Omega

What would the earth be if it were a man? The Earth is a divinity she sees everything and hears everything but says nothing. Such as Mother Nature she gives life but still man continues to hurt her…
Directed by Clément Papillon (France)