Independent Shorts Awards

Ice Cream

A story or a young girl who’s innocence is surrendered due to responsibility.
Directed by Adrian Marquez Barrios (Philippines)

Finding Big Pink

One fan documents her journey to visit Big Pink, the house where The Band recorded “Music from Big Pink.”
Directed by Lisa Tignor (USA)


Escaping from a deadly battle, a wounded warrior discovers a long-forgotten shrine and the ancient spirit that lives there.
Directed by Austin Piko and Taylor Johnston (USA)


Raheel, an Afghan national, has illegally traveled to Iran to look for her husband, but there comes up some problems that leave her no hope to move ahead.
Directed by Ayat Asadi Rahbar (Iran)


Because homosexuality is still a crime in many parts of the world, people are afraid of taking a stand for their individuality. “Gray” not just touches upon the homosexual aspects of human beings but also take us beyond our gender choices to understand and connect to a human being.
Directed by Preet (India)

Pour 585

A timid character with a wine glass for a head grows larger than his numbered peers while participating in a prosaic cycle of pouring. “Pour 585” is a hand-drawn animated film that visually interprets the individuals’ role in the hierarchy. The conflict occurs when a cycle is interrupted and a new order is established, possibly even more tyrannical than the first.
Directed by Patrick Smith (USA)


As Penelope breaks up another of her friends’ fights, the guys, Rey and Felix, begin to repeat phrases, twitch, and freeze. Shocked, Penelope confronts them about their actions, but they write her off as acting crazy. As more irregularities occur, Penelope is driven to the brink of insanity trying to discover the truth about what’s happening.
Directed by Max Kliman and Jake Daniels (USA)

Love Always, Alex

Eight years after my father’s death, I learned something that shattered the image of my dad into a person I didn’t know. I found out that his priest sexually abused him for several years as a teenager. I soon learned just how deeply this affected his entire life. In this personal investigative documentary, I embark on a journey across the country to meet his friends and family in an attempt to reconstruct his life and put the shattered pieces back together.
Directed by Alex Bell (USA)