Independent Shorts Awards

The Reeves

“The Reeves” is a psychological horror short film based on a screenplay written by Lavern Spruill.
The film follows Grant Reeves and his girlfriend, Vanita, as they head out for a weekend trip to visit Grant’s twin brother, Dr. Reeves. Grant grows concerned after discovering his brother and Dr. Reeves, his wife, and son aren’t home to greet them. A quick turn of events quickly unravels the truth behind this family’s secrets.
Directed by Lavern Spruill (USA)

Motel Night

When a business trip leads a weary traveler (Carlos Sierra) to a secluded motel for the night an over zealous owner and ‘guest experience representative’ over steps his bounds in order to find his confidence and overcome a debilitating fear – to kill.
Directed by Travis Myers (USA)


Three storytellers – a struggling scriptwriter, a young ambitious dance choreographer and a frustrated student – struggle with the limitations of themselves and their chosen form of storytelling.
Directed by Govind Chandran (UK)

Fallen Autumn

Trying to find himself in catharsis, a grieving man walks through a park reliving painful memories and making even more desolate and opaque anew.
Directed by Fritz Frauendorf (USA)

Rawdon’s Roof

A man must face the consequences when he makes a vow that no woman… not his wife nor even a female cat… will ever sleep under his roof.
Directed by Monica Tidwell (USA)

Light Matter

A black-and-white film that lets you see colors.
Initially barely noticeable, the first dim flashes of light become continuously brighter and more intense over a period of five minutes. Towards the end, they become a staccato of light and dark stimuli that evoke psychedelic colour impressions in the audience. “Light Matter” takes advantage of a physiological phenomenon where the rapid change from light to dark triggers color perception in the brain without the detour via the receptors of color vision in the eye.
Directed by Virgil Widrich (Austria)


Amanda is a young woman lamenting on the reality of relationships vs. movie relationships, as we follow her voice through a series of moments in her own past.
Directed by Stephen P. Davis (USA)

Us Two

Josefina is hired to steal a painting from a very important gallerist, Alex. Felipe helps her out. Both live together in an empty apartment while they finish this expedition.
Directed by Brenda Sabbagh (Argentina)


Dumped by his true love in the post #metoo era, newly single thirty-something Ben Siegel looks to make sense of a world where technology and misplaced values have rendered the nature of dating and friendship absurd.
Directed by Ben Majest (USA)