Independent Shorts Awards

An Odyssey: Running Scared

The absurd journey which follows along side a young boy, who encounters he’s future self, served as a prophet. Exposing him to the suffering that he’s bound to endure. These events transpire from the traumatic aftermath of divorce, mental illness and drug usage.
Directed by Mason Hubbard (Australia)


After losing his wife & child to tragic events, a successful attorney falls deep into depression and then finds himself homeless with nothing left to live for. And all the remains from his past is a letter written to him by his daughter.
Directed by T.J. Penton (USA)


“Invictus” is an ambitious film that stirs thought and reflection. How far are we, really, from the post-Apocalyptic hell Jane treks across? Closer, perhaps, than we’d like to believe.
Directed by Angie Rowntree (USA)


As conflicting schedules and commitments push a sex worker and her girlfriend further apart, an unexpected intimacy with a client pushes her towards a moment of crisis.
Directed by Rafael Hernán Gamboa (USA)

Bon Appetit

A family dinner with a mentally unstable mom whose actions are completely unpredictable. Her husband, son and daughter must try their best to get through this dinner as though their lives depend on it.
Directed by Surapong Ploensang (Thailand)

O One O

A complicated narrative which is based on a structure that finally refers to the phallus. A story of three Iranian young boys involved in terrible, deadly and triangular dreams which were so real to one of them. So he decides to visit the two others and warn them about the terrible things that are going to happen. But they do not care about what he says.
Directed by Mohammad Hossein Jafari Moghaddam Fard (Iran)

Our Fathers’ Sins

“Our Fathers’ Sins” is the story of The Boy, a young man whose father’s company destroyed the environment. His guilt for his father’s actions consumes him. We see how he perceives the world that his father ruined and how his life changes once he meets The Girl.
Directed by Gan (Canada)

Right Side of the Tracks

Cliff Beach stars opposite Kanushree Jain in a silent film noir music video (Buster Keaton style) for his lead single “Right Side of the Tracks”, from the new album “The Gospel According to Cliff Beach”.
Directed by Travis Tips (USA)